Closing In On My Weight Loss Goal

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Yes, these jeans use to fit me snugly.  I'm down 130 pounds and have another 50-60 pounds to go. Could 2015 be the year I reach my optimum weight? I'm sure as heck going to try.

Yes, these jeans use to fit me snugly. I’m down 130 pounds and have another 50-60 pounds to go. Could 2015 be the year I reach my optimum weight? I’m sure as heck going to try.

I ended 2014 strong by finally dropping below the 200-pound mark and reaching Onederland. But at the start of 2015 I realize that the first chapter of my lifestyle makeover – my weight loss journey — is coming to a close. While I’ve yet to set a designated goal weight, I have roughly 50-60 pounds left to lose.

2015 could be the year I finally reach goal. With this in mind, I’m re-calibrating my goals to reach my optimum weight by December 31, 2015. It’s a tall order, but I have to try.

2015 Weight Loss Goals

Weight Loss Goal 1:
Set My Goal Weight By April 30

I need an official target to shoot for. But I’m not sure I just want to pick any random number. My physical usually takes place between March and April. I want to talk with my doctor about my optimum goal weight.

Funny thing is, last year (its weird calling 2014 “last year”) my doctor was fine with me stopping at 225 pounds. Why? Because all my health numbers were awesome. So I’m fat, but healthy.

Clearly I didn’t stop at 225 pounds. My weight still stops me from doing certain things. Also my knees feel less pain as more weight comes off. Right now I think I’d be happy weighing somewhere in the neighborhood 130-140 lbs. But my body might settle for something else.

Weight Loss Goal 2:
Reach My Goal Weight By Year’s End.

This is the biggie. I have a tendency of overreaching when it comes to setting weight loss goals. But with 50-60 pounds to go, how can I not go for it? For me to have a shot at this, I need a plan that I can stick to and get back on quickly when I fall off the wagon (which happens!).

So what’s the plan? Weight loss is hard, but if you stick to healthy habits, the weight does come off. I need to redouble my efforts on these habits:

  • Weekly Menu Planning
  • Tracking & Measuring Food
  • Drinking My Weight (in ounces) In Water
  • Increasing My Activity
  • Stopping Cheat Meals
  • Reducing Eating Out (2x a month)
  • Limiting Alcohol (2x a month)

The biggest problem I’ll have is keeping my focus. Let’s face it, trying to lose weight day-in, day-out takes its toll on motivation. On a scale of 1 – 10, I don’t need to go to 11 every day. That’s not possible. But on those days (or weeks!) where my motivation falls below a 3, that’s when trouble comes a knockin’.

To help keep my eyes on the prize, I’m planning some fun, monthly challenges – not all fitness related – with nice rewards this year. I’m hoping they’ll be the little push I need to reach my goal.

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