Weekly Weigh-In: UGH! Up 3; My Big, Bad Habit Is Back With Abandon

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Bad habits started creeping back in since mid-January. I'm looking to the Spartan Up podcast to give me the much needed motivation to make better food choices.

Bad habits started creeping back into my life. Time for some tried and true motivational tools.

I overdid it during the Super Bowl (surprisingly, not with alcohol) and didn’t track my food for 4 of the last 5 days. End result? I’m up about 3 pounds. Thankfully I’m still in Onederland, but hanging on by a thread.

I’m not happy – I do know better – but I didn’t beat myself up. Instead, I took stock of where I was at mentally. I’m working out like crazy, but on the food front I’ve been very lax.

I’ve signed up for a few 5Ks and other cool fitness events (more on that tomorrow). I’m so excited about those, I can’t wait to get to the gym or put on my running shoes. Yet when it comes to eating right, I don’t feel the same motivation.

Constant vigilance went out the window sometime in mid-January.

Remember the reward system I put in place last month? I ended up earning 75 Dots and 25 Blots (yikes) for a grand total of 50 Dots for January. Not only did I miss out on that Pandora charm I had my eye on, a lot of bad food behaviors crept back into my life. UGH!

Clearly, my head’s not in the game. I can string together a few great days food-wise, but then it all goes to hell.

When Bad Habits Bite You On The Butt
A few weeks ago my hubby suggested I find some motivational podcasts to push me out of my slump. After all, that’s what he uses for fighting bouts of writer’s block.

(Shameless Plug  Alert: The hubby’s second book, Fool’s Ride is now available. Shameless plug over. Now back to regular scheduled blogging.)

I wasn’t really sure if that would help me. Of course, I listen to podcasts and audio books during my walks and workouts. Some podcasts and books I’m hooked on, and can’t wait to get back to the gym just so I can listen to what happens next.

Some people shout "Eureka" in the bathtub. I yell "D'oh" when i discover big things about myself.

Some people shout “Eureka” in the bathtub. I yell “D’oh” when i discover big things about myself.

Yet for some reason, I procrastinated at my husband’s suggestion. Despite my success in using these wonderful audio tools for workouts, I had a lot of self-doubts on the eating front.  Then I experienced a D’oh moment worthy of Homer J. Simpson.

You see, during my weight loss journey, I turned to wellness blogs and podcasts to help me stay focused. Heck I was even interviewed for the Lifestyle Accountability Show because the hosts thought my story would motivate others.

But for the last 5 months, I completely stopped turning to them for help. Why? I  told myself I was “too busy” and “something had to give.”

Now for that D’oh moment: That logic is how I ballooned to 325 lbs. at my former job. I was just too busy to eat healthy. Work was too important. My health paid a big price for that reasoning.  Yet here I am doing the same thing over again. The price this time: stalled weight loss.

Saturday’s weigh-in was the jump-start I needed. Time to check out iTunes and revisit those inspiration blogs and podcasts.




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