Putting Your Weight Loss Frustrations Into Perspective

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Are you discouraged with your current weight loss efforts? Are you thinking about giving up because the scale isn’t moving? Have you beaten yourself up when you eat the wrong thing?  Do you feel defeated after doing everything right but only lose less than half a pound in a week? If you’re frustrated with your weight loss journey, this post is for you.

I visit a lot of online weight loss forums and often I read complains about weight stalls, gains or small losses.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there.  If I had to name a reason why my weight loss journey is successful this time around, I’d say I don’t give in to my frustrations. I learn from them and make adjustments.

Meet Mark Webb (check out the video before reading further).

How many of us would sign up to run a marathon the day after losing a leg?

When I previously tried losing weight, I’d get depressed over any gain, no matter how small. I never met a plateau that I didn’t give in to. I lacked the mental grit to deal with the rough patches.

Life is full of challenges, but we’re taught to avoid conflict and take the easy option. But when we run from adversity we stop learning.

Do you really think Mark Webb would have taken that selfie just hours after losing his leg if he never faced adversity head on? If there’s a person allowed to wallow in self-pity, it was Mark. But he didn’t. He developed the mental toughness to handle anything life through at him.

Truth is there is no easy fix, 14-day solution, or magic pill when it comes to weight loss.  It’s about hard work. And 90% of that work is mental. Getting frustrated or beating yourself up is just wasted energy.

In the grand scheme of things, weight stalls, gains or small losses isn’t a big deal. It’s what you do next that is.

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