My Fitbit One Crapped Out On Me…I Think

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My Fitbit One's charge never lasted the promised 7 days. Now either the device or the charging cord bit the dust.

My Fitbit One’s charge never lasted the promised 7 days. Now either the device or the charging cord bit the dust.

Well it’s looking like my Fitbit One bit the dust yesterday. Or the charging cable died a horrible death. I checked on it after charging it on my laptop for a few hours. Nothing…no display…no positive message display…nada.

I even tried hooking it up to my mom’s computer just in case it was my laptop. Same result. Sigh…

I won’t know if the device or cable needs replacing until I get back home. Thankfully I have a 2-year warranty, but nothing happens until I’m back in Virginia. So for the next 6 days neither Fitbit or the NSA can track my movements. I’m back to staying 10,000+ steps a day ahead of “The Man!”

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the Fitbit One. From a reliability stand point, it only keeps its charge for 3 days, tops. That’s 7 days shorter than what Fitbit promises (you bastards!). So do I have a lemon or does the device stink on ice?

I do love the size of the device. It’s small and clips on easily. But that size might work against me as I forget to put the device back on after charging it. Grrrrrr!!!!! I’m actually still wearing the device despite the lack of a charge. I need all the help I can get to remember to wear it. Not wearing it until I get a replacement is dangerous on the memory front.

Despite this set back, I’m not giving up on the glorified pedometer. It got me moving more as it goosed my competitive nature. While I’m tied to the Fitbit One for the next 15 months, I’m going to keep a lookout for reviews and friends’ opinions on other activity trackers, especially one geared toward running.

3 thoughts on “My Fitbit One Crapped Out On Me…I Think

  1. I think you have one that is a lemon. I have had a Fitbit One for 2 years and the charge lasts way longer than 3 days. I’m sure it is at least 7 days, sometimes longer.

    I did have a Force for awhile (this is the one that was recalled). The first one wouldn’t hold a charge (I’m talking hours not days) and I did return it and got another which was fine.

    Anyway, talk to Fitbit since if this is under warranty they should be willing to do something.

    (Soon it will be back to just being a backup for me as I have a Charge HR on its way to me).

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