Awesome Body Image Message: ‘All About That Bass’

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All About That Bass, Body Image Message

Sure I’m late to the party on this one, but I do love the body image message in “All About That Bass.”

Catching up on reading some of my favorite blogs, I came across this post about the song All About That Bass. I’ve never heard of this song before. As my husband and good friend Elizabeth will attest about me — I’m not very pop culture savvy, especially when it comes to music.

I gave the music a try and found that while I enjoyed the beat, it was the lyrics that hit home with me.

I think I’ve given up on our current culture because it seems so vapid and narcissistic to me. It’s rare you find positive messages, especially on body image. Let’s face it, as much as we love recent ads that focus on women of all shapes, sizes and ages, they are barely a drop in the bucket compared to images of “perfect” looking people in magazines, marketing, product packaging, ads, TV news…

We have a long way to go, baby! Yet I’m optimistic.

With nearly a billion (yes, a billion!) views, this song really struck a chord with people. And rightfully so. If you haven’t heard of it, I suggest you give it a listen (there is some mild language in it, so if at work, use headphones).

If campaigns like Dove’s Real Beauty, Lane Bryant’s I’m No Angel or Special K’s Fight Fat Talk help sell products (and let’s face it, that’s why these companies are doing these campaigns), then you’ll see more health and beauty products follow suit.

Oh, and check out Tom Naughton’s post about the song. He does a great take down of the negative comments he found on YouTube — all of them attacking fat people or the singer’s (Meghan Trainor) weight. Tom’s right. Having ago at fat people is really the only acceptable form of bigotry.

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