Fighting The Urge To Do Nothing?

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My weight is fluctuating between the same 4 pound window. I know I need a new goal to focus on, but I'm in the grip of laziness and it's clutches are mighty.

My weight is fluctuating between the same 4 pound window. I know I need a new goal to focus on, but I’m in the grip of laziness and it’s clutches are mighty.

Since March, my weight’s bounced between 185 and 189 pounds (I weighed in at 188 this morning). Clearly I’m not in a plateau. My damage is self-inflicted and my frustration with myself is growing. I know what I’m doing wrong – carb creep, drinking wine, and occasionally tracking my food.

Yet course correction is proving difficult now. But why?

Overcoming Laziness
Bad habits never die. They just rear their ugly heads at your weakest point. One of my bad habits I’m fighting now is laziness. There are just times where I don’t want to do a dang thing. No walking. No food prep. No weight training. No nothing. Just an overwhelming urge to veg out.

Right now I’d rather play Plants vs. Zombies 2 on my iPad than write about my laziness.

A recent post touched upon my lack of motivation. I put the blame on stress. Sure, I’m juggling a lot – starting the IVF process, having mom 8 miles away vs. 2,000 miles away, sick pets and figuring out a career change – but it’s not all stress. Mentally, I checked out.

Doing nothing seems like the right choice. I know it’s not right but it feels so good.

Time For A Reset…And This Time I Mean It!
When I reached my goal of being healthy, I told myself I wanted to lose about 25-30 more pounds. Just saying I want to lose more weight never worked for me in the past and it ain’t working now.

My goal was accomplished and I never re-evaluated what to shoot for next.

Yet, when I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago, I still didn’t bother with formulating a new goal. My growing frustration got the best of me. It was just easier to do nothing (literally) for weeks than to actually think about my future.

Today I’m setting aside time to come up with a new goal. A goal that is all mine and fits the direction I want to take with my life. That’s the only way I’ll feel motivated to do the hard work.

So I’m dressed in my fall sweats and got on my walking shoes on. Ready to take my first walk in weeks, I always think better when I’m moving.

Besides, what better way to kick laziness’ ass than walking a few miles?

2 thoughts on “Fighting The Urge To Do Nothing?

  1. You may want to think about a series of goals relating to the positive habits you are trying to build. For example, for the next three weeks try building a habit to track your food. After that is built work on adding an exercise habit, etc. you may also want to read BJ Fogg’s work on tiny habits. His techniques may work for you.

    • Thanks for the reading tip. I’m actually reading Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before right now. Some good ideas for getting my good habits back on track. Yes, you are correct about small goals, but I like to have my major one in place first. Then I create my smaller goals for getting back on track and moving me forward towards reaching that big goal.

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