Reinventing Deviled Eggs

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deviled eggs

These devilish eggs include more than a few drops of Frank’s Hot Sauce between the egg white and the creamy, bacon-infused yolks. Yum!

After a fun grocery expedition with mom yesterday morning, my plan was to spend the afternoon food prepping and cooking a few meals. Well that went up in smoke when I got home. I felt exhausted…that happens when you wake up at 3:00 a.m. because a cat is walking on your head.

The husband suggest I take a little catnap. That little nap turned into 3 hours of solid sleep.

So I spent the evening in the kitchen, fixing dinner, chopping veggies and making snacks for the week.

Deviled eggs are one of my favorite go to snacks. Not only can you whip them up in no time, you can really get creative in your toppings — bacon, olives, fresh herbs, jalapenos, chorizo sausage, horseradish, smoked paprika, crab…

Ugh, I’m drooling all over my keyboard.

Devilish Eggs
Last night I made The Domestic Man’s devilish egg recipe. He adds a few drops of Tabasco sauce between the egg white and the yolk.

Well I love everything hot, so I had to make it. I just added some chives and my new sugar-free bacon. Yum!  Now I have to admit my hand got a little heavy when I was adding the hot sauce. But in my defense, that’s the way I roll.

I’m not expecting these to last the weekend. So that means guacamole deviled eggs are up next!

Fun With Deviled Egg Toppings
Not sure what you can do to add some zip to your deviled eggs? Not to fear, there are lots of great recipes online to inspire you. Here’s a few of my go to recipe sites.



4 thoughts on “Reinventing Deviled Eggs

    • They are amazing. Hope you enjoy them. Made a dozen last night and only 2 eggs left (husband came home from work early and helped himself). The guacamole deviled eggs appear tomorrow.

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