Happy St. Patrick’s Day…Or Is It?

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Learn the awful truth behind St. Patrick’s Day! Image courtesy of freedigitalphoto.net and Rattikankeawpun.

I’m Irish but have yet to make some low carb fare from Ireland. That changes today. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I’m attempting a delicious batch of corned beef and cabbage. A low carb version of course. But I’m worried. The corned beef isn’t cooperating. It’s suppose to become more tender as you slow cook it. I’ll know in a couple of worrisome hours if this really is a “happy” St. Patrick’s Day.

And of course I’ll post all the gory details.

Anyway, I thought I’d post the real, ugly reason we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Indy author John L. Monk (full disclosure…that’s my hubby) discovered the truth behind this drunken celebration.


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