Diabetes Crisis In California

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Scary piece from the LA Times. Researchers estimate that 55% of Californians are either diabetic or pre-diabetic. While pre-diabetes is preventable (70% of pre-diabetics develop diabetes) more than 90% of pre-diabetics don’t know they have it. This is a wake up call if there ever was one. Too bad the reporter failed to pick up on a significant fact.  The article states: “Rates of diabetes have increased more than 175% nationally since 1980 (emphasis mine), according to federal data.” Sure enough that’s the same time the obesity epidemic started.

Hmmmm…..maybe it had to do with the introduction of this:

It’s no coincidence that diabesity epidemic started with the launch of the world’s greatest public health failure — the low fat diet, high carb diet.  Yet the government, public health officials, the medical/dietitian/nutrition “pros”, fitness gurus and a host of other parasites in the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry refuse to admit that their dogma is killing us.

The article is correct that a healthy diet fixes this mess. The problem is the article quotes so called “health experts” who equate “healthy eating” with the exact diet that got us into this mess.

Yes soda is bad. So is added sugar. But for the overweight and obese in our country so are a host of so called “healthy foods” like all wheat, grains, breads and pastas (yes, even that whole wheat crap), processed foods, fruit juices and frankly many fruits. If it raises your blood sugar or increases your body’s resistance to insulin then don’t eat it.

Of course the “experts” drone on and on about having a “balanced approach” to diet and how it’s extreme to eliminate whole food groups from your plate.  Really? If someone is lactose intolerant, would you say their diet isn’t balanced because they don’t eat dairy? Is it extreme that a person with celiac disease doesn’t eat wheat, rye or barley?

Well I’m one of 80 million Americans with insulin resistance. We’re carb intolerant. My diet is 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs. I’ve lost 145 pounds in less than 4 years. ALL of my health numbers dramatically improved in the first year of going low carb, high fat. And continue to improve each year after. For me that is balance.

Rant over…for now.

2 thoughts on “Diabetes Crisis In California

  1. Thanks for this post! There are too many special interests involved in defining the food pyramid, all with the goal of selling a product or service. Reminds me of the doctors staff meeting I was once at- the doctors were talking about the health effects of smoking and a few of the docs laughed and said that they never encourage anyone to quit because it just means more money for the doctors when they have to treat them. Disgusting and shameful.
    Congratulations on your tremendous success in losing weight and improving your health. Health is your right to claim!

    • Thanks for your note. To me a lot of the problems are about beliefs — which are hard to change. I think too many doctors don’t really practice medicine any more. Just too much focus on treating symptoms with meds rather than looking at root causes. For most medical ills in our society, after these last 4 years, I’m a firm believer that our food supply is the greatest health threat we face. Single ingredient foods are the way to go.

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