Fitness Trackers Don’t Cause Weight Loss (Psst…Neither Does Exercise)

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Do wearable fitness trackers help you lose weight? Of course not. Why? Because exercise doesn’t cause weight loss. Yet, researchers who still believe in the calories in, calories out myth spent 2 years and some serious dollars studying the weight loss results of those who wear fitness trackers.

Since the researchers believe in the weight loss myth of eat less and move more, they’ve earned the Captain Jean Luc Picard Double Face Palm Award!

If you’re not convinced that eating less and exercising more causes weight loss, then I suggest you check out this article about the show The Biggest Loser. Your body fights you tooth and nail when you cut your calories and exercise more.  And as an added bonus, your slower metabolism doesn’t bounce back.

Not enough evidence? How about the famous Women’s Health Study that showed if you exercise 1 hour a day everyday for 3 years, you’ll lose a total of 0.25 pounds. Yep, 1/4 of a pound…over 3 years.

I learned this lesson the hard way. When I started on my health journey, I tried exercising like a demon to “burn” calories. The result was one injury after another and not a whole lot of movement on the scale. My doctor told me to stop exercising until I lost 50 pounds. I thought he was insane. But sure enough, I focused on learning the nuts & bolts of LCHF eating and the pounds fell off. No calorie counting. No exercising.

I’m not saying don’t exercise. I love working out. It’s good for you, especially exercise that builds strength. But it isn’t a great tool for weight loss.

As they say, you can’t outrun your fork.

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