Fox In The Hen House! Surviving Our Cookout

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We’re having friends over today for a cookout. For the first time in more than 4 years, I’m allowing these types of foods in my house. Ugh!

Today we’re having a cookout with some new friends who don’t eat low carb diet. What’s a girl who eats LCHF to do?

I’m not the type of person to force my LCHF ways on people. That’s just rude. I’m inviting people into my home. It’s my job to make them feel welcomed. Yes I’ve had a hard time getting back on track since surgery and treatment.  But all I need is a little planning to keep my guests happy and allows me to avoid any temptation.

Avoiding That Fox In The Hen House
The key for success when hosting non-LCHF friends is simplicity. Foods that my guests and I can eat without feeling deprived. Tonight we’re making burgers and dogs, an easy meal for me to stay LCHF. They eat buns. I prefer wrapping my burger in lettuce. We all come out happy. Score!


I’m making a couple of batches of pepperoni chips for myself. Who needs Doritos?

For the appetizer, I’m making a roasted bacon-spinach dip. Yummy. Our guest can enjoy it with baguette slices or pita chips. For myself, I’m making my first batch of pepperoni chips this morning. I love pepperoni. I love chips. Why not combine them. Also the dip I’m making can be eaten without bread or chips. The carbs just get in the way of the deliciousness.  Double Score!

My big challenge comes from the kids — 4 of them. I went grocery shopping yesterday and didn’t even think of picking up snacks that kids enjoy. I planned on making roasted asparagus wrapped in bacon. So good! But I don’t know many 7-year-olds who can’t wait to dig into asparagus.

I ended up skipping the snacks. Those aisles of the grocery store are foreign to me now. But once I got home it dawned on me that roasted asparagus may not be that tempting to anyone under 14.

Thankfully the hubby ran out and picked up some dip and chips…lots of chips.

Wow.  Talk about temptation. I was a chip fiend in my fat days. Yet I don’t have any desire for them. Those pepperoni chips make me drool, not Doritos.

The hubby and I have a rule for tonight. Anything loaded with carbs and sugar that is left over goes straight into the trash. I’m allowing the fox in the hen house today and today only!

Dessert: Decisions, Decisions…
Of course as a hostess, I’ve gone back and forth on dessert — should I make it or buy it? The problem with buying it is all the sugar. Or rather, my recent weakness for all things sweet.  Sure buying a treat for the kids to devour would be much easier than making something.

I was toying with picking up cookies at our local bakery and limiting myself to a glass of red wine. Sounds like a smart idea, but I am worried I’ll give in and have a cookie or 2.

But I’m leaning towards baking a batch of low carb red velvet cupcakes with buttercream cheese frosting. Those are tasty as well as filling. One is more than enough for me. My only problem here is time. The clock isn’t my friend today.

Either way it’s a plan. I just need the confidence to stick to it!

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