Bookending My Day With Essential Oils

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Early this morning I mixed rose and bergamot oils in one of my diffusers to help focus me. The smell is divine!

I can’t believe I’m doing this. Me…the one who’d make jokes about power crystals, meditation and all the rest of that “hippie” science. Well I’m not laughing anymore. Essential oils are now a big part of fighting my wacky hormones.

If I wake up feeling a little down then I add a few drops of lavender, chamomile, bergamot and ylang ylang into my diffuser. Soon I’m feeling pretty awesome.

No energy to plow through my to do list?  Then I load up my diffuser with a few drops of grapefruit or sweet orange and voila! I’m a bundle of focused energy moving from task to task.

In the evenings, about an hour before bed I load up my bedside diffuser with lavender. While that lovely scent is filling my cool, darkened bedroom, I’m relaxing in the tub with some lavender infused bath salts. When I follow this ritual I’m out like a light when my head hits the pillow. If not, I’m in for an evening of tossing and turning.

Science Be Damned. This Works For Me.
The science on essential oils is very light to say the least. I know that humans have a long history of using plants for healing. But I’m also aware of the power of suggestion.

All I know is that every morning I concoct some elixir that either heightens my mood or steers me into an emotional state that is much more productive. Likewise, falling asleep at night is a lot easier when my bedroom smells like lavender.

Are essential oils a cure all for all that ills me? Hell no. If given the choice between radiation therapy or essential oils to treat my cancer, I still would have taken the radiation treatment. Why? You don’t screw around with cancer.

But I don’t think it is an “either or” choice. Our mental state is so important to getting and staying healthy. A positive attitude is key. It’s one thing for me to say that “I’m going to kick cancer’s ass,” but I also need to believe it.

I only wish I stumbled upon aromatherapy sooner. If a simple smell can ease my anxiety and boost my confidence, you bet I would have used it before and after my cancer surgery and treatment.

Playing With Aromatherapy
Right now I’m only using the oils in diffusers. I hope to expand my horizons and try making my own soaps, lotions and candles. However, I have to do a lot more research on proper doses and best applications.

Good grief! I’m picking up a new hobby.

One thought on “Bookending My Day With Essential Oils

  1. Melinda Ortego Loustalot

    I believe God put nice smelling things on earth because He loves us and wants us to be happy. To me, diffusing essential oils is a way of grabbing that sweetness and having it whenever we need it.

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