Pain…Lots & Lots of Pain

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I’d hoped to be blogging about my experiences on doing a 30-Day Carnivore Diet Challenge (ongoing). Instead, I’ve spent the last few days hobbled and in pain. I’ve written before about my tight calf causing pain in my Achilles tendon. That hasn’t gone away. This is something new and a little more worrisome than my Achilles.

A few weeks ago, I started doing lower body stretching. I figured since I can’t really workout right now I might as well work the muscles with some stretching. After that first attempt, I felt soreness where the front of my leg meets my pelvis. Not a biggie, since I expected some soreness.

That soreness came and went. And after a few days, it turned into jabbing pain. “Nothing to worry about. I probably pulled a groin muscle,” I thought.

Fast forward to the last few days. The jabbing pain has become more frequent. The pain hits when I climb stairs, move my leg too far to the left, right, backward, or forwards.

Walking is difficult. I call it a “walk,” but it’s more of a very pronounced limp. I find it hard to stand straight without feeling a dull, painful, tightening sensation in my hip.

Thursday was the worst. My whole left leg ached all day. The hip felt hard as a rock and hot to the touch. I was immobile all day. It was time to call for help.

My husband’s company offers a wonderful service that helps you navigate the insurance and health care system. I contacted them for my best options. They quickly put me through to one of their nurses – Barb.

After going through my symptoms, pain level, family history with osteoarthritis, and overall issues with the leg, Barb told me I needed to see a doctor immediately. Because it was Thursday afternoon, that wasn’t going to happen. The next best thing was skipping my primary doctor and going directly to an orthopedic specialist. Thankfully my insurance doesn’t require referrals!

Barb gave me a list of specialist to contact and sent a bunch more. I hit gold on my first call and got an appointment the next morning.

Hoping For PT, But…
I arrived at the specialist office and pretty quickly had x-rays taken of my hip. At that time, I thought worst case was a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, and that it had completely wore away any cartilage. Meaning a hip replacement was needed.

But I held out hope for a really bad groin pull. Fingers were crossed that I just needed some physical therapy.

The x-ray showed very little arthritis and the start of a bone spur — but nothing that should be causing the pain.

Once the PA started moving my leg around, she pretty much ruled out a pulled muscle. Something else is triggering the pain.

My PA ordered an ultrasound and an MRI. The ultrasound is needed to rule out a blood clot. The MRI is needed to see whether or not I have a stress fracture. Yes, the x-ray didn’t show any signs of a fracture, but MRIs can see things that the x-ray can’t.

She also wants me to use a cane or walker to help alleviate the weight and stress on the hip. My sister beat her to it. She drove me to my appointment and gave me my mother’s cane to help me walk. The cane works. I don’t feel any pain going up or down stairs.

Plan For Getting Me Back On My Feet
The PA told me regardless of what next week’s test shows, a plan is needed for my calf as well. I’ve been on and off for 2+ years with this pain. My mobility is limited, and I can’t do simple activities like walking, hiking, bowling or just swinging the golf club.

So I’m feeling relieved tonight. There’s forward movement to figure out what is going with this leg.

Oh, and carnivore? It rocks. So far!

26 thoughts on “Pain…Lots & Lots of Pain

  1. Lisa

    Hi Dot!
    I am here from your You Tube Channel. Check out Visceral Massage- when I read that your hip was hot to the touch I immediately wanted to mention this to you. I see you have received lots of advice here and this is just something to add to the pile. I hope if you decide to research this practice you will find a few nuggets of value. I hope you are feeling better soon and looking forward to your dairy free paleo updates.

  2. I am sorry to hear of your pain.
    Has anybody checked for a labrum tear in your hip? The pain can be crippling.

    You are correct, stress fractures don’t show up on simple X-rays. Had two of them in both hips, at the same time. Went undiagnosed for four months, finally an MRI showed them.

    Have you tried putting ice on your groin? In case your hip capsule is full of fluid, it will help get the swelling down and give you some relief.

    I really feel for you. I am at this “hip” game since six year. Best wishes and relief from a fellow hipster.

  3. Anita Faulkner

    So glad they ordered an MRI. I fell two years ago and my hip hurt so bad my husband called an ambulance. The ER doctor said there was nothing wrong as I had a good X-ray and was going to send me home. I insisted they call in an orthopedic doctor. He ordered an MRI and found a hairline fracture. He admitted me and operated the next morning. I was then sent to inpatient rehab. My husband slid through water three years ago and was in agony. I called an ambulance. The ER doctor said x-ray showed no fracture. I had to have neighbors carry him in the house. Come to find out he had a complete rupture of his quadriceps which showed up on MRI. He was bedridden for weeks after surgery. Yes, MRIs show more than x-rays! Hope you get some answers soon!

  4. Cheryl Berkey

    Dot, I’m a retired neuromuscular massage therapist. I had a private practice for 25 years. What you’re describing is what I treated all day long. Every bit of your issues, from your foot to your hip are related and can be fixed. Look for a therapist who does neuromuscular. Make sure their training was separate from school. There are levels of neuromuscular training. Look up Paul St. John, who trains all over the US. His site will probably have lists of qualified therapists.

  5. Wanda Hayes

    Ouchy, your symptoms sound alot like my hip bursitis. Painful stuff! I get injections in my hip and lower back. I’m not pain free but can sleep better, move better and my disposition 10x better. I pray they find out what is causing your pain and can help you quickly.

  6. theresa sedinger

    The carnivore plan is going well. Great! Bummer about the leg. It will be interesting to find out what is causing your discomfort.

  7. Sandy Gilbert

    Dot I’m so sorry to hear about your pain I know how you feel because I’ve been in pain for the last well it’s severe pain 2 years but I just had a surgery called the mild it’s very simple it’s done in a local office in you go home within 3 hours I’m in a lot less pain but still I need some more surgery done in the same area. I pray that they find out what’s wrong it’s very hard to do anything when you’re in pain like that I’ll keep you in prayer God bless

  8. Hi Dot, Sorry to hear of your misfortune. I had a few problems myself and am in a walking boot until a fracture/sprain heals. Sending up prayers for you. Thank you for all that you do as your You Tube channel is very motivational… Just now found your blog.

  9. Natalie Oramas

    Dear Dot, I am so sorry you are going through this. My prayers for a speedy recovery are on the way. Hang in there and take it easy, I know how anxious I can get when I am trying to get back to my daily routines. Be kind to yourself and get well soon.

    • Dot2Trot

      Thank you. My husband was home this week so he took on all the chores so I could rest my leg. The pain isn’t as intense thanks to the rest.

  10. verdilowe

    Happy New Year Dot….To you and yours ! Key essential supplements such as Magnesium and potassium and other key vitamins C,D,A and E and others are vital…Check Dr. Mercola ?.
    I drink tons of Cod liver oil and even better Is Olive oil…And when you have a shock week for your system..With Carbohydrates ! Try making them really powerful allies as ultimate ultra Resistant Starches. By simply really effective especially it is a Pre Biotic and works in powerful synergy with All Probiotics such as Kefir, Kimi, Kombucha…Use Rice, Potatoes, Pasta..All carbs..,…cooked, put in fridge when cold, use next few days reheated..Brilliant ! The resistant Starch and nutrients are boosted massively by cooling and reheating. Eg. I make all the carb dishes ultra Add desert spoon of coconut oil to Rice boiling water to boost nutrients even further. When cooked add butter, chilli flakes, chives or your other favourite boosters..Potatoes with same, when cooked adding butter, chives, usual salt and pepper..Pasta, as it cools add same. On reheat Add Parmesan and fresh Basil Chives Spring Onions, Scallions Etc. Counter intuitive and contradictory idea that are massive boosts for Gut and colon health. Helps fight Bowel Cancers..Good Health to you and your readers.

  11. leesa pearl

    Hi Dot, I’m happy to hear about the silver lining- hopefully figuring out what’s wrong and fixing it once and for all. I had a back injury and was in a brace and close to immobile for a long time, I’d gotten mostly better but it wasn’t until after I did a 7 day water fast almost two years later that I really felt like myself again. Autophagy fixed the last part of my pain that the doctors never did figure out. It gives your body a chance to rest and repair, and reduces inflammation- I can’t guarantee that it will work, but maybe worth a shot to speed things along? Also, bromelain (from pineapple) and turmeric help with pain, K2 (not K1) might help with the spur… I’m so glad your sister is there to help out, and that the cane is taking some of the pressure off. Hoping for a speedy recovery, keep us posted. <3

    • Dot2Trot

      I’m actually toying with a water fast this week. I’m suppose to be doing a 30-Day Carnivore Challenge but my leg may have other plans for me. I’m doing a lot of resting which cut down on some of the pain and swelling.

  12. Terri J Compton

    Sending prayers…I feel your pain i had complete knee replacements in 2014 on both knees just different times. PT will help you so much I had to do like two years of it. Carnivore should help you also. Hope things go well for you so you will be back to 100 percent soon.

    • Dot2Trot

      I’m loving carnivore but toying with a water fast this week thanks to my hip. I’m hoping for PT rather than surgery and PT.

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