Hip Tests Are In, And…

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I don’t have a stress fracture. YAY!!!! But I do have osteoarthritis in my hip, am suffering from iliotibial (IT) band syndrome and have a hamstring that is too frickin’ tight. A triple whammy!

What does it all mean? How do I get back on my feet again? Is training for a 10k completely out of the picture? Are any of these new problems related to my chronically tight calf muscles?

Physical Therapy Here I Come
The answer to the first two questions is up to me. I have to do the work, and a lot of it. Tomorrow I meet my physical therapist for a 90-minute evaluation that puts me through my paces. From there I’ll have  PT twice a week for at least six weeks (maybe longer) and daily homework that tackles the hip and my supposed chronic calf problem (more on that later).

The osteoarthritis is very mild and my doctor assured me that with physical therapy and a year to a year and a half of work, the hip pain goes away AND I put off surgery until my golden years.

Diet will be a big part in minimizing osteoarthritis. I’ve put on way too many pounds after my cancer diagnosis in 2016.  To me, that’s the trigger in this latest saga with my left leg.

As for the IT syndrome, it’s normally associated with knee pain. However it does cause a dull ache or a sharp, acute pain in the hip. The band runs along the outside of the leg. While there are lots of causes for the inflammation, my doctor things muscle tightness in my glutes and quads are leading culprits.

All I know is when he started bending my leg like a pretzel, I wanted to smack him upside the head.

Oh And About My Calf Problem
It turns out that my calf isn’t causing the pain in my Achilles tendon. Two years of stretching down the drain. Ugh!

When we discussed my chronic Achilles pain thanks to my overly tight calf muscles, the doctor quickly started stretching my foot and examining the calf, and announced “Your calf isn’t tight…it’s your hamstring.”

So I spent 2+ years not addressing the root cause of my pain. So say I’m a little annoyed is putting it mildly. But at least I’m on the right path.

Path Forward: Exercise, Nutrition & So Much More!
From what I surmised, my whole left leg is jacked up.  My doctor assured me that with PT and strength building I’ll be moving around with ease soon enough.  But it will take 12-18 months of hard work for me to feel 100% again.

I just need to exercise some caution. My inclination is to go full bore…and cause another injury. Maybe that dull, nagging pain in my hip can keep my natural tendencies in check.

As for diet, I’m reading a very interesting book, Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf (Mr. Paleo himself), and I love what I’m reading.  Although I’m eating carnivore for the rest of this month, I’m actually more excited about next month. That’s when I’m doing Wolf’s 30-Day Reset.

I just finished the book and plans for my reset began this morning. Unlike my failed keto reset, I’m feeling confident that the 30-day reset be different. My head is back in the game after being benched for 2 and 1/2 years.  It is a shame that it takes pain or a medical crisis for me to act, but hey, at least I have time to act.

I’ve had success with keto, but paleo seems to have more of the full picture — nutrition, sleep, gut biome, inflammation and movement (to name a few!).

Paleo really zeros in on overall health. Weight loss is a side benefit.  I had that attitude when I started my little low carb journey in 2012. And it worked! Now it seems like everything I’m reading about LCHF/keto all about weight loss and the blasted macros!

That doesn’t mean keto is bad at all. In fact I’m thinking of doing a keto version of paleo after the 30-Day Reset.

It’s just that you need the right mindset when changing your way of eating. My greatest success happened when I viewed my journey as a science experiment with me as the scientist and guinea pig. I was on a journey to get healthy. No pressure from the scale.

That’s what I want to get back to.





12 thoughts on “Hip Tests Are In, And…

  1. Debra M Whitley

    I have been following you on YouTube and had not seen any recently…I was concerned…so I Googled…sorry to hear of the physical problems…getting older can be rough…you are in my thoughts and prayers for healing and relief…your recipes made a difference in my 50 lbs loss with Keto

  2. Laura Caballero

    Dot hope you are feeling better, and just wanted to say that I miss seeing your videos. Believe me, I know that life happens and puts us back to deal with things, but just wanted to say you are missed!

  3. Val

    Hi Dot,
    I know you have this best of luck .. I will be reading and continuing to live my low carb right along side you thank you for sharing ..

  4. Sharon

    Hi Dot , thanks for the update. I was just thinking of you the other day. Getting answers is the best medicine to keep us on our journey. I wish you healing , peace of mind and determination. I truly believe you’ve got this Dot. I look forward to watching, reading and responding to your journey. I have started a new journey of my own and I’m having some success. I need to bump up my exercise next and continue to try new recipes to keep me inspired and focused. Thx for the recommendation of wolfs 30 day reset. I’m going to check it out.

  5. leesa pearl

    So glad to hear there’s no fracture, and that you know what the actual problems are and how to address them. Physical therapists are pretty magical- I had horrible pains in my foot and ankle when I was in college, bothered me for over a year- turned out it was my sciatic nerve. It didn’t hurt at all in my lower back or hip- but when they showed me the right kind of stretches and exercises for that area my foot pain went away in a few days. (So I understand your frustration of two years of stretching). Hope you get relief soon and are back in fighting form asap! <3

  6. Happy that now you are on the right track…I surely will do the same…..Puzzled now about Keto….I was so sure that would be a panacea…making me wonder now….thanks for sharing your journey …you are a delight to my soul..Love your ways….Please continue to keep us informed & up to date….how different is your diet now then it was with Keto…Best regards….Lori

    • Dot2Trot

      Lori, I’m still keto (but with some very bad behavior on the food front thanks to stress eating and eating out waaaaayyyyy toooo much). I’m doing the carnivore diet just for 30 days (and that too can be keto) as a challenge and to help my husband in his elimination diet. Come February I am doing some more tweaking/resetting but expect to be in keto form very soon.

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