Found My Lip Color!

Lancomb's Blush Classique turned out to be my go to color. Oh so pretty!

Lancomb’s Blush Classique turned out to be my go to color. Oh so pretty!

Yesterday I continued my weight loss makeover. I visited my nearby Macy’s cosmetics department to find my cornerstone lipstick color to build my collection.

This lucky lipstick will serve as my go to color. It has to look good on me if I’m wearing no makeup.

With just a few cosmetic lines to choose from (my Macy’s is tiny!), I found what I was looking for at the Lancôme counter.

Lancôme’s L’absolu Rouge lipstick brand includes a moisturizer to prevent chapping, a big plus for me with winter fast approaching.  When sampling the different lipsticks, I found that it went on easily and evenly.  And the colors…oh so pretty.

Lancomb's Natural Mauve lip liner; weight loss makeover

Coloring my lips with Lancomb’s Natural Mauve lip liner.

Speaking of color, I picked Blush Classique. A shade deeper than my natural lip color, it looked the most flattering on me.

I also picked up a lip liner at the Lancôme counter – Natural Mauve. It’s a perfect compliment to the Classique and great for pairing with future pink, brown or nude lipsticks.

Putting It Together
Once I got home I started applying my goodies.  First I applied the liner and made sure to not just line my lips, but color them in too. As my Glam Squad taught me, coloring my lips with the liner locks in the lipstick color to prevent fading.

weight loss makeover, Lancôme's Blush Classique

Phase 1 of my weight loss makeover is complete with my new lipstick and lip liner!

After I applied the lipstick I used the brush at the end of my lip liner to smooth out the color.

Easy peasy!

Buying the moisturizing lipstick was a smart move on my part as my lips felt smooth and moist all day.  Hooray!

Now time to start building my collection.

Everyday Beauty: Picking The Right Lip Color

picking right lipstick color, everyday beauty makeover, chosing right lip color

With so many colors to choose from, how do you pick the color that’s right for you? Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono and

After nearly two weeks since my makeup makeover, I finally went shopping for some lipstick. I headed out to my local drug store and quickly got overwhelmed. So many choices. They all look so pretty. But how to tell if the one I pick is the right color for me?

And it’s not like Walgreens will let me try them on.

I immediately avoided the reds. I’ve never found a red lipstick that looked good on me.

But then I thought, I look great wearing my red shirts and sweaters. So what gives?

Then it dawned on me. When I went shopping with my Glam Squad we selected makeup based on my skin tone and eye color. Hmmmm… it makes sense that my skin and lip colors are key to selecting the right lipstick.

I left the store empty-handed, but more determined.

When I got home I asked The Google to clarify this mystery.  Bobbi Brown’s Lip System had the answer for me.

It turns out picking the right color isn’t all that hard.

Using the natural color of my lips as my guide, I can find my matching lip color. From there, staying in that color family, I can easily find flattering neutral, bright and deep lipstick shades. And I can play with different textures.

Seems like a simple way to start building my lipstick collection.  Of course it only took me 30 years to figure it out.

Tomorrow I head out to Macy’s cosmetics department, much more confident of success.

Weight Loss Makeover: Putting It Together

After my makeup masterclass, my Glam Squad — Julie and Claire, the makeover pros — set up a photo shoot to show off my new look.

But before we begin, here’s the before image.

weight loss journey before and after photo

My current weight loss journey started in January 2012, when I tipped the scales at 325. I’ve never looked back since.

And here’s what having two makeover pros like Julie and Claire can do for you!

weight loss fashion makeover

Showing off my new Old Navy Outfit and a fab purse I found while visiting a little shop called Sam Moon in Houston, TX.

weight loss fashion makeover

Great dress we found at Lord & Taylor. Perfect for business or parties (just like a mullet, but better).

weight loss fashion makeover

Old Navy is the store that just keeps on giving! Jeans, black cardigan, blue short sleeve top and scarf are all from Old Navy. The handbag I picked up at Sam Moon.

A great leather faux jacket I picked up at Lane Bryant. The sleeveless orange top we picked up at Old Navy.

A great leather faux jacket I picked up at Lane Bryant. The sleeveless orange top is from Macy’s.

Weight loss fashion makeover

Practicing my best “Blue Steel” look, I love this green shirt Claire found at Macy’s. The fact it only cost $11 made me love it more!

weight loss fashion makeover

OK, here’s a better look at the Macy’s green top. The necklace is from Lane Bryant.

Unfortunately, my shoes from Zappos didn’t arrive on time for the photo shoot.

weight loss fashion makeover

Very pretty! I no longer have to wear only flip flops. Shoe styles (Top Row L-R): Vigotti Bethan, Nine West Heroheart, Softspots Maria; (Bottom Row L-R): Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet, Nine West Mela.

All I can say is thank you to Claire and Julie, the most awesome Glam Squad ever!

weight loss fashion makeover

Me with the Glam Squad – Claire (L) and Julie (R), enjoying a well-earned glass of wine.

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