Found My Lip Color!

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Lancomb's Blush Classique turned out to be my go to color. Oh so pretty!

Lancomb’s Blush Classique turned out to be my go to color. Oh so pretty!

Yesterday I continued my weight loss makeover. I visited my nearby Macy’s cosmetics department to find my cornerstone lipstick color to build my collection.

This lucky lipstick will serve as my go to color. It has to look good on me if I’m wearing no makeup.

With just a few cosmetic lines to choose from (my Macy’s is tiny!), I found what I was looking for at the Lancôme counter.

Lancôme’s L’absolu Rouge lipstick brand includes a moisturizer to prevent chapping, a big plus for me with winter fast approaching.  When sampling the different lipsticks, I found that it went on easily and evenly.  And the colors…oh so pretty.

Lancomb's Natural Mauve lip liner; weight loss makeover

Coloring my lips with Lancomb’s Natural Mauve lip liner.

Speaking of color, I picked Blush Classique. A shade deeper than my natural lip color, it looked the most flattering on me.

I also picked up a lip liner at the Lancôme counter – Natural Mauve. It’s a perfect compliment to the Classique and great for pairing with future pink, brown or nude lipsticks.

Putting It Together
Once I got home I started applying my goodies.  First I applied the liner and made sure to not just line my lips, but color them in too. As my Glam Squad taught me, coloring my lips with the liner locks in the lipstick color to prevent fading.

weight loss makeover, Lancôme's Blush Classique

Phase 1 of my weight loss makeover is complete with my new lipstick and lip liner!

After I applied the lipstick I used the brush at the end of my lip liner to smooth out the color.

Easy peasy!

Buying the moisturizing lipstick was a smart move on my part as my lips felt smooth and moist all day.  Hooray!

Now time to start building my collection.

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