Weight Loss Makeover: Putting It Together

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After my makeup masterclass, my Glam Squad — Julie and Claire, the makeover pros — set up a photo shoot to show off my new look.

But before we begin, here’s the before image.

weight loss journey before and after photo

My current weight loss journey started in January 2012, when I tipped the scales at 325. I’ve never looked back since.

And here’s what having two makeover pros like Julie and Claire can do for you!

weight loss fashion makeover

Showing off my new Old Navy Outfit and a fab purse I found while visiting a little shop called Sam Moon in Houston, TX.

weight loss fashion makeover

Great dress we found at Lord & Taylor. Perfect for business or parties (just like a mullet, but better).

weight loss fashion makeover

Old Navy is the store that just keeps on giving! Jeans, black cardigan, blue short sleeve top and scarf are all from Old Navy. The handbag I picked up at Sam Moon.

A great leather faux jacket I picked up at Lane Bryant. The sleeveless orange top we picked up at Old Navy.

A great leather faux jacket I picked up at Lane Bryant. The sleeveless orange top is from Macy’s.

Weight loss fashion makeover

Practicing my best “Blue Steel” look, I love this green shirt Claire found at Macy’s. The fact it only cost $11 made me love it more!

weight loss fashion makeover

OK, here’s a better look at the Macy’s green top. The necklace is from Lane Bryant.

Unfortunately, my shoes from Zappos didn’t arrive on time for the photo shoot.

weight loss fashion makeover

Very pretty! I no longer have to wear only flip flops. Shoe styles (Top Row L-R): Vigotti Bethan, Nine West Heroheart, Softspots Maria; (Bottom Row L-R): Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet, Nine West Mela.

All I can say is thank you to Claire and Julie, the most awesome Glam Squad ever!

weight loss fashion makeover

Me with the Glam Squad – Claire (L) and Julie (R), enjoying a well-earned glass of wine.

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    • Dot

      Thanks. My Glam Squad did a great job picking out the outfits. I told them my wardrobe is mostly black workout clothes. They took it from there. I had a whole lot of fun during it and learned a lot.

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