Fasting Fest This Weekend

frozen custard

This is what freaking out over your first radiation treatment leads to!

I planned to do a 5-day fast this week but chickened out at the last minute. Tuesday was my first radiation treatment and I was a bit too freaked out to try fasting. So I opted for some frozen custard instead.

Peanut Butter Brownie & Chocolate, to be specific.

A glorious LARGE one, to be even more specific.

Yes, I needed comfort food (told you I freaked out). No shame in that.

Thankfully, the freak out was for naught. The painless treatment lasted a total of 5 minutes. As for side effects, the only thing I experienced was some major fatigue. I did some serious napping for two days. Of course, I’m assuming it was the radiation. It could have been a carb coma from the big ass frozen custard. Read More

Weekly Weigh-In: Eat More, Lose A Pound

weekly weigh in June 12

Yay! Down nearly a pound. And I did it by eating more meat. LCHF eating really does rock.

I’m just 2 ounces shy of losing a full pound this week. Not too shabby considering I made it a point to eat more this week. That puts my total weight loss at 141.1 pounds. The 170s are within sight!

But the real bonus this week was saying goodbye to my sweater. I no longer feel like I’m freezing all the time.

I bumped my protein back up to 6 ounces a meal (I cut it back to 4 ounces sometime last year). Not only did the cold hands and feet disappear, but I had a lot more energy and stopped snacking between meals.

If I added more protein to my diet, did I cut back on anything else? Nope. I still kept my daily net carbs under 20g. As for my fat intake, that’s still around 65-70% of all my daily calories.

I don’t count calories but of course My Fitness Pal tracks them. I’ve gone from eating 1400-1500 calories a day to eating 1600 -1800 calories a day.

So yes, I ate more calories and lost weight. Perhaps our bodies are more complex than the simple theory of eat less, move more. I’ll post more on this in my upcoming review of The Obesity Code this week.

When I decided to cut back on protein, my body essentially responded by turning down my thermostat. My resting metabolism slowed and I got cold…real cold. My energy level dropped and I had the focus of a gnat. And it is certainly one reason why I’ve stayed in the mid 180s for a year.

Yet I thought feeling cold, my brain fog and lack of energy was related to the weather — the winter blahs and all the blasted rain we had. Nope, my body wanted that protein back but I didn’t listen.

That goes to show you that no matter your success, you can still miss little (and not so little) signals from your body.

Battling Resistance To A Healthy Life

turning pro

April just started and I’ve already read 2 books for the month! In Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art and Turning Pro you’ll find lots of motivational gems to help you with not just health, but with anything you want to achieve.

“The amateur tweets. The pro works.”
— Steven Pressfield, Turning Pro

When visiting low carb high fat forums online, many of the most vocal commenters for LCHF eating think it’s a simple matter of eating the right foods. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen on forums, Facebook pages, Twitter or other social media feeds where low carbers talk about how easy it is to eat low carb and have the pounds melt away.

That simply isn’t true for everyone.

You have to put in the work. Eating low carb, high fat does melt away the pounds, but only if you view it as a lifestyle and not a diet. Meaning you:

  • Eat when hungry and only when hungry
  • Give up the silly idea of “cheat days or cheat meals”
  • Can’t go back to eating like you use to once you reach your goals
  • Can still eat too much (protein, carbs, nuts, dairy and even fat)
  • Understand that those fattening temptations (candy, cookies, ice cream, donuts, chips) don’t go away because you are eating LCHF

That’s why I always say that weight loss is 100% eating the right foods and 95% mental. We face hundreds of food choices everyday. That’s why it’s important to build good habits. Read More

Drink Vinegar To Lose Weight? Madness…Or Is It?


It’s looking more and more that drinking 2 teaspoons of diluted vinegar before meals lowers blood sugar and insulin spikes.

I’m not a big believer in “super foods,” cleanses, or other weight loss gimmicks. Most of it is either marketing hype by food companies or quacks peddling their latest book. However it looks like drinking 2 teaspoons of diluted vinegar before meals improves insulin sensitivity for the overweight, obese and type 2 diabetics.

As Dr. Jason Fung explains diluted vinegar is a traditional weight loss tonic. The ancients used vinegar for cleaning wounds. It was a tool healers used to cure many ills.

Thankfully researchers are now taking a hard look at vinegar and the recent miracle weight loss claims. Are they just old wives’ tales or is there something more to drinking “sour wine” diluted in water? Read More

Giving Organ Meats A Shot


I’ve never had organ meat but this year I’m giving it a shot. Nutrient rich calf liver is first up. Image courtesy of and mister GC.

In my quest to become fearless in the kitchen, I’ve decided I’m going to give organ meats a try, starting with liver. I have no idea how to cook organ meats or how they taste, but I’m spending part of the day flipping through Julia Child’s Mastering The Art Of French Cooking. Her recipes are simple and easily turned low carb by substituting almond flour with wheat flour.

But mainly I’m reading Julia to build up my courage.

Why Organ Meats?
I’ve read in different books that mentioned how our ancestors ate all parts of an animal, but specific parts were more desirable than others. Eyes and organs were preferred over muscle meat (what we eat today).

Organ meats are nutrient powerhouses and liver is one of the best. Nutrients include high amounts of A, multiple B vitamins, folic acid (awesome for someone like me in the early stages of IVF treatments), iron, cooper, iron, and C0Q10, important for cardiovascular function. Take that multivitamins! Read More

Weekly Weigh In: Down 2

weekly weigh in Jan 9

Just 2.6 pounds before I finally break into the 170s. Super excited!

What happens when you eat right and take a 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge?  Weight loss!  I’m finally closer to breaking into the 170s after losing 2.1 pounds this week.

But what happens when my no alcohol challenge is over January 31?

Right now I’m eager to continue the challenge  into February.

Since I started my challenge on Jan. 1, I’ve lost 4.1 pounds. Clearly I made a big error by not cutting back on wine sooner. I significantly slowed (heck, stopped) my weight loss progress and was stuck in a plateau for about 7 months.

No use crying over drunk wine. I’m on track now and that’s what counts.

Today’s weigh in puts my total weight loss at 142.5 pounds…nearly 45% of my total weight gone.  Sweet!

So I’m roughly 26 pounds away from goal. Whoa…


DYI Strawberry Ice Cream

ice cream done

My quickie strawberry ice cream took about 5 minutes to make using just 3 ingredients. It taste better than the real thing (which is loaded with sugar).

For a nice, New Year’s Eve treat I decided to “whip” up some homemade ice cream. While I really want to play with the husband’s ice cream maker (wow, that sounds inappropriate!), I wanted something quick. Like under 10 minutes.

I had frozen strawberries and asked The Google for help. But every recipe I found for strawberry ice cream was loaded with sugar or a low carb alternative. I’m not opposed to sweeteners, but strawberries are already sweet, why do I need to add anything?

So that got me thinking (a very dangerous thing!). What if I just add whipped heavy cream? No sugar. No honey. No Swerve.

It took a total of 5 minutes of prep time and 3 ingredients. The result? Awesomely creamy strawberry ice cream that mom and the husband devoured. Read More

Finding The Foods Triggering My Husband’s IBS


My hubby has some serious digestive issues and we’re getting to the bottom of it (no pun intended), with an elimination diet. Image courtesy of and dream designs.

Although eating low carb has provided much relief to my husband’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome – D, he’s decided to go on an elimination diet to discover which foods and beverages are causing the trouble.

So last week we start taking away specific foods he typically consumes that might over stimulate his gut – coffee, caffeine, alcohol, broccoli, cauliflower, onions and dairy.

His money is on coffee as the main culprit. My honey does have a java monkey on his back. I’ve notice him drinking four 12-ounce cups when he’s home (2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon). At work? Who knows for sure, although he’s pegged his total daily consumption at 20 cups. Read More

Weekly Weigh In: Down 1.6 Pounds

weigh in jan 4

In January 2012 I weighed 325 lbs. As of today I’ve lost over 140 lbs. To continue my quest to optimize my health, I’m giving up alcohol.

I start the new year weighing 184.6 pounds. That puts my total weight loss at 140.4 lbs. since I started this little journey in 2012. I attribute the loss mostly to my January challenge — no alcohol for 30 days.

Alcohol Causing My Weight Loss Stall
As I tracked my food I got suspicious that the cause of my weight fluctuation was my wine. Oh how I do love the Nectar of the Gods, but my intake was much higher than normal over the holidays.

Also I started experiencing heartburn right before bed, something that hasn’t happened since I switched to a LCHF diet. Hmmmm….something was amiss.

While wine is low in carbs it slows or stops your weight loss. And if you’re not careful it packs on the pounds too.

I wasn’t careful. Read More

Top 5 Reasons I’m Saying Goodbye To My Microwave


Four years ago we downsized the size of our microwave. Now I’m wondering if we really need it.

I’m taking a hard look at my kitchen today to see how I can have more prep space to make my deliciously healthy low carb, high fat foods. After removing most jars, canisters, and machines from my counters, I’m now considering giving my microwave the boot.

From cooking Lean Cuisines, instant oatmeal, “baked” potatoes, to warming up leftover pizza or chicken breast, there was a time when the microwave was my kitchen’s workhorse. But now it seems more like a monument to convenience food. Stuff I don’t eat anymore. And that means it’s taking up valuable counter space!

I don’t mean to imply that since eating real foods I’ve stopped using the microwave. I use it to warm up grilled meat, chili, soup or to quickly melt butter or coconut oil. But I can do that using my range. Read More