Still Healthy!


The results are in for my 5th annual physical. Pretty much what I expected. Image courtesy of and Kromkrathog.

I got the results back from my annual physical. I’m still healthy. The news from my physical came about two weeks after my oncologist’s office let me know my test came back negative for cancer. So while I was happy with the results, my oncology report stole my physical’s thunder.

Other than my menopausal weight gain, I expected results similar to last year’s physical. Read More

Final 40 Fat Challenge

March 19 weigh inThis morning I stepped on the scale for the first time since January. I expected to gain weight back from my week-long fast (usually half comes back). Turns out I kept just 2 pounds off. As a ‘glass half full’ gal, I’ll take that.

So I’m officially stepping on the scale once a week. I’m tracking my food consistently once again. The wine is officially out of the house. For the foreseeable future, eating out is over with.

Funny how exercising regularly improves your mental focus. I know exercise doesn’t help with weight loss. It’s all about building strength, improving cardio and balancing hormones.

Most importantly it clarifies choices.

Battle Of The Final 40 Begins
Stepping on the scale I start my new journey – getting to a healthy level of body fat.   I know focusing on weight is dumb and doesn’t do any good. I need to focus on reducing my body fat while maintaining/building muscle. It was those fat cells that went wonky on me and caused the cancer after all.

I’m using the same calculations I made back in August when I figured out my ideal body weight.   For the sake of sanity I’m calling this challenge “The Final 40” since the balance of lean body mass and fat pegs my ideal weight at 165.

That doesn’t mean 165 pounds is my maintenance weight. Before cancer came a knockin’ I was dealing with a nasty infection due too excess skin (sigh…those were the days).

I’m looking forward to those days once again.

Setting My Final Goal Weight – It’s All About Happiness

Just had my physical and decided to chat with my doctor about setting a weight loss goal. His answer surprised me.  Image courtesy of and hyena reality.

Just had my physical and took the opportunity to chat with my doctor about setting a final weight loss goal. His awesome answer surprised me. Image courtesy of and hyena reality.

When I went in for my physical in 2014, I weighed 215 pounds. For my 2015 physical I tipped the scales at 189. I’m down 26 pounds in a year. I set a mini-goal of getting under 190 before I met with my doctor for my physical. Needless to say, I had a big smile on my face when I saw that number.

As for sitting down with my doctor, I had one thing on my mind:  finally nailing down my goal weight. What’s a healthy weight for woman my height and age?

But first up, the blood work.

For the 3rd year in a row all my health numbers were awesome. Giving up simple carbs (quick digesting carbs) truly turned my health around. I’m off the blood pressure meds, I’ve lost 136 pounds total, and I’m no longer at risk for type 2 diabetes or dropping from a heart attack.

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Weekly Weigh-In: Down Nearly 2 Lbs!

Just a little more than 7 pounds to go before I finally leave the 200 club! I'm going to try to do it by the end of August.

Just a little more than 7 pounds to go before I finally leave the 200 club! I’m going to try to do it by the end of August.

Another solid weigh in this weekend. I lost 1.8 pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 117.4 pounds. I’m so close to leaving the 200 club…maybe by the end of August. That would be sweet!

After two consecutive weeks of big weight loss, I expected my losses to slow down. Safe weight loss is anything up to 2 pounds a week. So technically I’m still at the high-end, but that’s fine with me. Considering the last few months, this is just my body’s way of saying, “Sorry for that plateau.”

Bragging Rights
Oh, during this morning Weight Watchers meeting I mentioned I lost 9.5 inches since March. I got a lot of applause and my meeting leader asked if I could bring my before photo to next week’s meeting so folks get a visual of how my body’s changed. Since I just posted a new Before & After pic to the blog this week, I just pulled that up on my phone.

I got a lot of oohs and aahs from the peanut gallery.

Yes, I feel awesome, but it’s no time to get cocky. Time to double down and get out of the 200s once and for all!


Weekly Weigh-In: Down Another 5 lbs!

Another great week puts me closer to another weight loss milestone -- weighing less than 200 pounds!

Another great week puts me closer to another weight loss milestone — weighing less than 200 pounds!

I feel awesome this week. Finally my weight loss is back on track. For the 2nd week in a row, I’ve lost weight. I expected to drop a couple of pounds. Imagine my surprise when the lady at Weight Watchers told me I was down 5.6 pounds!

That’s more than 10 pounds in two weeks. Sweet!

I finally dropped below 210 and I can’t wait to say goodbye to the 200s.

I need to keep up with my healthy routines — tracking food, sticking to 20g of carbs/day and continue using my Fitbit One to get my butt in gear.

I’m excited my weight is going in the right direction. But I can’t get cocky. Gone are the days when I told myself, “I’ve got this.” To keep this ball rolling my new mantra comes from none other than Han Solo:

Which Weight Loss Road Are You On?

The image on the left is how I use to think about weight loss. It was always an all or nothing proposition. And I failed every time. Over the last two years, I’m now focused on changing my lifestyle and not a number on the scale. The result? That number on the scale is getting smaller. Sure there are bumps in the road, but I know the journey is long and I’ve had enough success to know I’ll reach my final destination. The image on the right is way more accurate depiction of my weight loss journey.

success failureWhich road are you on?

Weekly Weigh-In: Down 3.4 Pounds

Finally movement on the scale. I'm down 3.4 pounds this week.

Finally movement on the scale. I’m down 3.4 pounds this week.

February was a tough month for me as far as the scale goes, losing just 0.2 pounds. Thanks to some fine-tuning of my Paleo Challenge, I’m saying goodbye to the month on a high note — I lost 3.4 pounds this week.

My total weight loss is now 105.6 pounds, roughly 1/3 of my body weight! I hope this means my February plateau is over and I’m mentally in the sweet spot for continued weight loss.

One of my goals this year was to weigh 200 pounds by the end of April.  I’m 20.8 pounds closer to making that goal a reality. With 9 weeks left, I need to lose 19.4 pounds. That’s about 2 pounds a week.  Tough, but possible. I think it’s time to shake it up.

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