Down 3 Ring Sizes!

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weight loss and ring size

To big to rule them all! My wedding and engagement rings sit in a jewelry box, too big to wear.

Jewelry is on my mind lately. Due to the weight loss, I can’t wear my rings, including my wedding or engagement rings. Worse, I’m unable to re-size my wedding band or engagement ring. The gems will pop right out.  Which means a new ring (hooray!). But since I’m still losing weight, I’m waiting until I reach my goal weight (boo!).  So hopefully in another year (sigh!).

However, I’m toying with getting a simple band in the meantime. I hate going about without a wedding ring. And let’s face it, a year is a long time to go without.

So Saturday I found myself in a jewelry store drooling standing in front of the case with my precious the pretty rings.

The sales lady asked if I wanted to look at a particular ring. “No, just looking.”

Then it struck me: I don’t even know what size I wear anymore. My ring finger was a size 10-1/2.  So I asked if she could measure my finger.

Hot damn! I’m now a 7-1/2.

It’s amazing where your body loses weight.

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