Weekly Health Goals – October 13-19

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Setting weekly goals keeps me focused on reaching my 3-month goal of losing 19.5 lbs. Image courtesy of chanpipat and FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I didn’t hit all of my goals last week. I am a pound closer to hitting my 3-month weight loss goal of 19.5 lbs. But I missed my targets on the nutrition and workout front.

Thanks to a super busy week that featured lots of eating out, I missed my goal of eating 20g of cards for 4 days.  My first 3 days were great.  Then it all went down hill. This week is less hectic, so I’m attempting this goal again.

As for my workout goals, it turns out I can’t do a plank without falling on my face. I just don’t have the strength. So this week’s workout goal focuses on my upper body.

October 13 – 19 Goals

  • Workout – Continue with 30-Day Push-Up Challenge; Do 3 Upper Body Workouts
  • Nutrition – Eat a max of 20g of carbs/day for 4 days this week (repeat)
  • Other – Work on new make up skills this week
  • Reward – Treat myself to manicure

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