Counting (Weight Loss) Chickens Before They’re Hatched

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I’m down a pound this week. Total weight loss = 79.8 lbs. I only have 16.7 lbs. to go to hit my 3-month weight loss goal.

Today’s weigh-in day and I’m down a pound this week. Great news, right?

If only I hadn’t stepped on that scale Wednesday morning. The scale showed me a 2.6 lbs. loss. Ugh!

This is why I don’t like stepping on the scale midweek. Your weight fluctuates daily. I stepped on the scale after a lot of exercise and before lunch. That 2.6 lbs. loss was a mirage.

Normally I’m over the moon with a 1 lbs. loss. But right after I stepped off the scale this morning, I started second-guessing everything.

After 5 minutes of thinking about my every move this past week, I realized my only mistake was Wednesday morning.

No more unofficial weigh-ins. I’m sticking to Saturday mornings.

4 thoughts on “Counting (Weight Loss) Chickens Before They’re Hatched

  1. The scale is a snapshot in time. You can get on once a day, week, whatever — just do it at the same time of day and with the same circumstances to get the most consistent snapshots.

    Also, use your scale to let you know how much water you need to replace after those 2-hour workouts. Weigh yourself before and after and replace water based on pounds lost. I drink 16 oz for each pound — experiment to see what helps you recover best.

    Keep it up!

    • Dot

      Never thought about using the scale for my long workouts. Will give it a try next week.

      Funny, I know the scale is just a snap shot and doesn’t even give you the full picture. But damn if that sucker doesn’t get into your head.

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