Bodybuilding To Chisel Away The Fat

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I start pumping iron this week in my ongoing quest to drop the pounds and get healthy. Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti and

OK, I didn’t just join Gold’s Gym this weekend. I hired a personal trainer and started bodybuilding this week.

Yes, you read that right – bodybuilding.

Keep in mind, when I write “bodybuilding” I’m not talking about competitions and looking like a shemale. I’m talking about getting into the weight room and seriously sculpting a stronger and leaner Dot2Trot.

I mulled it over for weeks and the thought of heavy lifting excited me. So my hubby surprised me with an early anniversary present.

Why Bodybuilding?
Most of my exercise focuses on cardio. I wanted to kick my strength training up a notch, but I let it slide.  Once I discovered my upper body strength was nada, I finally broke open The New Rules of Lifting for Women.

A couple of chapters in and I started thinking differently about my weight loss. Sure I’ve dropped 80 lbs. but some of that was muscle. Weight training focuses on fat loss and preserving muscle tissue.  That appeals to me.

Plus, my weight loss journey isn’t just about shedding unwanted pounds. I want to get healthy — thin doesn’t mean healthy. Adding muscle and increasing strength is a big step in that direction.

Aren’t You Worried About Getting Too Bulky?
The New Rules does a great job knocking down some myths, like women who weight lift will bulk up too much – not possible without steroids. While women and men add muscle at the same rate, it is much tougher for women to add muscle.  Our levels of testosterone are too low and our bodies won’t allow it. We’re just not built that way.

Again, my goal isn’t to compete. Losing weight is still my first priority. But growing muscle for a more sculpted look is now a big part of my weight loss journey.  

What’s my biggest challenge?
Battling muscle soreness? Upping my workout intensity? Staying motivated?

No. No. And nope.

Food…It always comes down to food.

After strength training, you deplete muscles of glycogen, which you need to fuel your muscles. And how do you replenish glycogen? Carbs!

I’m only consuming 20-25g of carbs a day. If I’m serious about weight training, my guess is that’s not enough. Also I banned certain types of foods until I’m within 20-30 lbs. of my goal weight. Hence, my challenge.

I want to build muscle, but I still need to lose the fat and weigh a lot less than I do now. So I’m nervous about adding more carbs.

My trainer is looking over my weekly menu and will tweak it based on the workouts she has planned for me.  I know my carb intake must go up. But by how much? And what banned foods are back on the menu?


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