Juggling Carbs, Protein And Fat

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I'm busy juggling my diet now that I'm bodybuilding.

I’m busy juggling my diet now that I’m bodybuilding.

Well my new food regime is interesting. I’m eating fewer calories, same amount of protein and more carbs. The good news, I don’t feel hungry (yet) and I’ve dropped a pound so far.

Truthfully, while I think I’m eating way more carbs, to an outside observer my diet is still very carb restricted. Before the weight training my carb intake ranged from 20-25g. Now I’m upping that to 50-75 on non-strength training days. I bump up the carbs to 100-150g/day on days where I’m lifting weights.

Just enough fuel to recharge my muscles and let me burn fat.

Micronutrient Balancing Act
Since I’m doing a 3-month tracking challenge, journaling what I eat isn’t that much of a challenge. In fact, the change in diet made me more vigilant. My micronutrient breakdown is:

  • 45% carbs
  • 30% protein
  • 25% fat

I’m focused on burning fat and preserving (and eventually growing) muscle, I now need to track my protein and fats. Today was my first real day tracking everything. It’s surprising how quickly I use up my “tiny” 25% of fat.

Oh Man, I Gotta Count Calories
My trainer capped my daily caloric intake to a 1300-1550 range. I eat near the top of that range on days when I weight lift.

I never paid attention to my calories when I dropped the 80 lbs. Looking at my food tracker on My Fitness Pal, it looks like I ate 1600 – 1850 calories/day.

This makes tracking my food even more important.  I don’t want to go in starvation mode. If so, the weight loss stops.

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