Building My New Weight Loss Menu

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Some of my favorite things, like Greek yogurt, are back on the menu!

Some of my favorite things, like Greek yogurt, are back on the menu!

This afternoon I’m working on my new weight loss/muscle-building weekly menu. The good news is my trainer took a lot of the guess-work out of it for me. I have very specific meal options to choose from.

I just need to figure out best combinations for those days with muscle workouts vs. days without.

So what are the good carbs I’m adding back into my diet?

That makes me happy. I tried a 1/2 C of the Ezekiel Sprouted Whole Grain with Almonds this morning with the Almond Breeze (unsweetened Vanilla favor) — both a first — and a cup of strawberries. I prepared myself for a nutty, wet cardboard taste. To my surprise I actually enjoyed it. And I’m not saying that because I have to eat it. I really did like it. Plus it filled me up…always a good thing.

Meal Options
My meal options are straight forward. Nothing starchy, except after my muscle workouts.  Stick to lower carb foods on the days I’m not lifting weights.

Breakfast (300-400 calories)

  1. Omelet (3 egg whites, 1 whole egg) with veggies; 1 slice Ezekiel break or rice cake with almond butter (thinly spread)
  2. Protein Pancakes
  3. Ezekiel cereal (1/2 C) with Almond Breeze or 4-6 ounce Greek yogurt, add berries to either.
  4. Grapefruit (1/2) and old-fashioned or steel-cut oatmeal (1/4 C)
  5. Oatmeal (1/4 C) and 3 eggs (2 whites and 1 whole).

Lunch Options (400-450 calories)

  1. Chicken, fish or turkey (4-oz), sweet potato (1/2), veggies (1 C)
  2. Lean meat (4-oz) on whole grain bread with lettuce and tomato; small side salad or veggies (1 C) or small piece of fruit.
  3. Quinoa salad with lean meat, tuna or chicken (4-oz) with lite balsamic vinaigrette
  4. Green spinach, romaine and/or arugula salad with beans, lean protein (4-oz), lots of veggies with lite balsamic vinaigrette
  5. Black bean casserole

Dinner Options (300-400 calories)

  1. 4-6-oz of lean beef, poultry or fish with green salad or veggies
  2. Stir fry
  3. Meat crust pizza
  4. Veggies and ground turkey
  5. Eggplant lasagna
  6. Stuffed peppers
  7. Spaghetti squash with meatballs and sauce

Morning & Afternoon Snack Options (100-150 calories)

  1. Nonfat plain Greek yogurt (6-oz)
  2. 15 almonds, pistachios or walnuts
  3. Plain rice cakes (2) with thinly spread layer of almond butter
  4. Small apple (1)
  5. Grapefruit (1/2)

Of all the foods I can now eat, I’m least excited about the rice cakes. In fact, I’m passing on them for now. It’s like I’m eating styrofoam packing peanuts. Blech!

As for the food I’m most excited about, that’s easy — Greek yogurt (bananas a very close second).  I’ve really missed my afternoon yogurt snacks. Of course, those had fruit on the bottom, a big no-no for me.  I’m all about the non-fat, plain yogurt now.

I’m most curious about the protein pancakes and meat crust pizza. I’ve found lots of recipes for both online and no two are the same. My trainer is sending me her recipes. Of course I’ll share along with my thoughts on tastiness.

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