Latest Muscle Workout Wipes Me Out

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My new workout tool. Object in photo is much larger (and heavier) than it seems!

After my weigh-in this morning, I hit the gym for my new muscle workout:

Except for the shuttle runs I did in high school, it’s the first time I’ve done these workouts. I did 3 rounds, doing each for 30 seconds with a 20 second break in between.

Of the 6 exercises, it’s a toss-up between the battle ropes and tire push for most exhausting. The battle ropes turned my arms into wet noodles, especially my left arm. The tire push kills your arms quickly, but later you feel the double whammy of your back and leg muscles aching.

In a couple of weeks, my trainer says I’ll start flipping the tire. I CAN’T WAIT. Another chance to be sore from head to toe. Awesome!

This is the third set of metabolic workouts I now have in my rotation. On Monday my trainer shows me a new set of exercises and for the next few weeks we will rotate between the 4 different sets, steadily increase the weights.

I sincerely hope the next set of exercises looks something like this — complete with Elvis glasses and blue sequined jumpsuit!

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