Nov. 2 Weekly Weigh-In: Down 1 Pound

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Dropped 1 pound this week. Need to lose 16.7 lbs. by Dec. 31 to hit my 30% weight loss goal. Fingers crossed!

I’m down a pound this week! That brings my total weight loss to 81 lbs. And with this week’s loss, I now need to lose 16.7 lbs. to hit my 30% weight loss goal by December 31st.

Considering the average weekly weight loss is up to 2 lbs., 16 lbs. is tall order since I’d need to drop the max weight each week for the next 8 weeks...hmmmmm.

I’m game!

Too Busy To Weigh-In? Poppycock!
The last time I officially weighed in was Oct. 12.  Yikes! Between the 5Ks and family trips, this is the first weekend in weeks with no plans.

I can’t believe I let two weeks slide without going to Weight Watchers. I really hate missing my weekly meetings. It’s always good to check in and see how I’m doing. The accountability keeps me motivated. Plus, the energy from the meetings give me the kick-start I need for the week.

Although my weekend dance card fills up quickly, I need to work harder to keep my Saturday morning date with the scale.



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