Spinning Class Is A Slice Of Fried Gold!

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Yes, the class kicked my butt — literally and figuratively!

I arrived at my first spinning class a few minutes early to talk to the instructor (Joyce) and make sure I set my bike up correctly.  She was amazing. She did a great job walking me through the set up, showing me where to position my seat and handles so I’d get the best workout.

Joyce assured me I didn’t need to keep up with the pace of the class. In fact, she told me she’d call out different instructions for me. She didn’t want me killing myself in my first spinning class.

As folks started walking into the classroom, they went out of their way to make me feel welcome. All encouraged me, told me how much they love the class and said I’d do just fine. Without a doubt, the nicest people I’ve ever met in a class.

I started out strong with the warm up, going faster as the second song started. Sweat quickly poured down my face, back and arms.

About 10 minutes it was time to increase resistance and start jogging.  Wow, I don’t ever remember it being this hard. It felt like I was riding in quicksand.

Thankfully, Joyce yelled out for me to drop my resistance. D’oh, I’d set my resistance to 6 (out of 10) during the jog. I cut it in half to 3 and the jogging got much easier.

As much as I tried, I couldn’t do the full jog. So I sat back down and kept a steady pace. Then it was time to turn the resistance dials all the way down to the lowest setting. Woohoo!

I got really excited, and way too soon. It was time to go all out and race. I pedaled as fast as I could for 4 minutes.

My only thought: Glad I didn’t eat before class.

During the last 30 minutes every new song meant a new exercise – sitting, jogging or hanging over the handles.  The switching-up made the class interesting and more fun.

I did stop a few times and even got off the bike to walk around a bit. Not because it was difficult.  I needed to stop because of that damn seat!

weight loss and spinning class, spinning class sore saddle

Who ever designed this thing is an idiot! But a few more classes and I’ll get use to it.

My Spin Class Seat Is the Devil!
I’m not prone to violence. But about 3 minutes into the 60-minute class, I so desperately wanted to punch the guy who designed that seat. In the face. With a 2 x 4.

Did someone actually think causing pain to inner thighs and the butt – pain that lasts well after class ends, by the way – was a great idea?

Also, something about it disrupted my rhythm. I had to constantly readjust while sitting down. For about 4 minutes, I actually zoned out the pain and got into the music, and got a brief glimpse of the joy to come in future classes.

My instructor and classmates all told me the same thing: “It takes a couple of classes for the pain to go away.”


Preparing For Friday’s Class
Sigh…I loved the class. Thanks to the seat, I don’t feel as if I gave it my all.  Which is scary considering how tired my legs feel right now.

When class ended, two of my classmates gave me some advice – padded pants! Now how’s that for a slice of fried gold?

Tomorrow, I’m on the hunt for padded bicycle shorts.

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