I’m Down 3 Pounds And Closing In On Year-End Goal

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With my 3 pound weight loss this week, I’m now down a total of 86.6 pounds!

Woo hoo! I lost 3 more pounds this week, bringing my total weight loss to 86.6 pounds. Back in October I set a year-end goal of dropping about 20 pounds by December 31. As of today, I’m about half way there with 10.9 pounds to go in just a little over 6 weeks.

Clearly I didn’t do much math when I set the goal, because I’m just 13.4 pounds away from losing 100 pounds since this little journey began. Holy cow!

Well with Thanksgiving on the horizon, I’m not changing my 3-month goal now. Instead, I think hitting 100 pounds lost on my birthday (early January) is an awesome bonus!

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