Final Fish Challenge – Sushi!

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This life-long member of the Fish Hater Club decided to give sushi a try the day after Thanksgiving. It was awesome.

November is coming to a close, which means my fish challenge is ending. I’d thought I’d go out with a bang and try some sushi. What could be more challenging for a non-fish eater than eating raw fish?

Yesterday the hubby took me to a little restaurant called Kumo Sushi. When looking at the menu, it was clear I’m no sushi connoisseur. I couldn’t tell you the difference between Nigiri, Maki or Sashimi.

So I went for simplicity. I ordered the Sushi Lunch – 5 pieces of sushi and 1 California roll.

When my order arrived, I mixed all the wasabi with some soy sauce, placed the ginger on top of each piece of fish and began dipping.


Everything was delicious. Nothing tasted fishy – except that blasted California roll…more on that in a sec.


Sushi….Yummmmm. Yes, I’m a sushi convert. I loved every bite (well, I could lose the California Roll).

Any fear I had disappeared with the first bite. The fish melted in my mouth and I quickly gobbled up each piece. I kicked myself for not trying this delectable delight sooner.

Will I have sushi again?

Hell yeah!

I’m officially a sushi lover.  I’m thinking of making it a weekly treat – Sushi Friday’s has a nice ring to it.

Although I think the next time I’ll go light on the wasabi.  While I love the heat, I used all of it in my soy sauce expecting horrible tasting food. And at times the wasabi heat overpowered the fish as it melted my eyes into the back of my head.  I learned quickly to lightly dip the sushi into the soy sauce-wasabi mixture.

Sushi — tasty and educational.

What’s Up With That California Roll?
As for the California Roll…it was…OK. The unseasoned nori (or seaweed) gave it a fishy taste and was off-putting. And what’s with the imitation crab? Keep it fresh or don’t serve it.

It all comes down to one question.  Would I order a California Roll again? If I really wanted sushi and nothing else is around, then sure I could eat a California Roll if I was starving.

Now that’s what I call a ringing endorsement. Heh.

Sushi Challenge
My friend Elizabeth did her best to get me to try sushi for ages. I should have listened sooner. She sent me a note today and urged me to try Unagi.

Challenge accepted!

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