Lemon Herb Chicken Casserole

This video is actually two recipes in one. The first is for my lemon herb chicken. The chicken comes out so tender, juicy and delicious. Normally I use chicken thighs with skin. But the second recipe — a creamy chicken casserole — calls for no skin.

The casserole recipe is from The Ketogenic Cookbook and is wonderful. You can use any leftover chicken for the dish, but my lemon herb chicken a nice flavor.

Both are tasty and easy to make.

Getting Into Ketosis By Year’s End?


What’s your plan? It’s holiday season. Which means lots of celebrations, food and weight gain.

I mentioned to husband yesterday that I didn’t want to hand out any tasty Halloween candy this year. He laughed and said “Oh, yes we are. Leave it to me I’ll pick out the good stuff.”

How can I even suggest such a thing? I’m not in favor in handing out terrible tasting treats that no kid enjoys — I’m thinking of you candy corn! No, I just don’t want any candy that would tempt me. Snickers does nothing for me. Neither does Twix, Three Musketeers or Butterfingers. But we always get the stuff I like and I don’t want that temptation this year.

It’s part of my effort to navigate the upcoming holidays, where the one sure thing is weight gain. Read More

LCHF Quiche With Spinach, Sundried Tomatoes & Goat Cheese

A little project the hubby and I have been working on is now ready. No, not the quiche. Here’s a video we made of how I make my quiche.  Hope you enjoy the video as well as the dish. The goal is to post 2 videos a week on my new YouTube channel.

Oh, and since I’m doing the Whole 30 (more on that later) this month, don’t fear. The video was shot in August.  So no goat cheese for me in September (how sad).

Why Women Are Getting Fatter

tape measure fork

Four in 10 women are obese in America and that number is climbing. Yet they are more focused on diet and nutrition than men. So why are women getting fatter? Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhoto.net and Mister GC.

A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reveals that while the obesity rates of men (35%) have hit a plateau, women’s obesity rates (40%) continue to climb. Yet women pay more attention to calories, food labels, and are far greater consumers of health and nutrition information.

Studies show when schools roll out an anti-obesity program, girls are far more likely to change their eating behavior than boys.

Not only that, women do the “lion’s share” of grocery shopping. And Women’s Marketing, a marketing agency focused on women consumers and their buying power, indicates that the next trillion dollar business is “Health & Wellness.”

With that kind of buying and decision-making power, is it any wonder that the food, nutrition, health and fitness industries heavily cater to women? It’s clear that women are more tuned in to the current nutrition advice from the US government than men.

If that’s the case, why are they getting fatter? Read More

Weekly Weigh-In: The IVF Side Effect

weigh in May 14

Yes, I’m up 4 pounds. But it isn’t all food. My IVF treatments are coming with a little side effect.

I’m up about 4 pounds this week. After a slight freak out this morning, my husband reminded me of something that may have been the big contributor to those extra pounds – I’m taking estrogen injections.

I started the injections 10 days ago as part of our in vitro fertilization plan.

The estrogen is helping build up my uterine lining. Next week I go in for some blood work and a transvaginal ultrasound lining check. If my lining is thickened and my hormones are raging at the appropriate level, then I may have a new medication to take along with the estrogen before we begin our first embryo transfer.

The shots, taken every 3 days are intramuscular, and have to be given in my butt. So that’s how the hubby is participating in this…he gets to stick a very long needle in my ass. So far he’s doing a good job – not much pain and no bruising. Read More

My Top 10 Kitchen Staples For Weight Loss

low carb plateI always get asked about what I eat to lose and keep the weight off. So I decided to put together a list of foods you will always find in my kitchen. These are my staples for weight loss. Since June of 2012, these foods have always been in my home – day in, day out. These are the only foods I am willing to make a special trip to the grocery store for. Yep, they are that important to me.

Here’s my list: Read More

How Dot’s Getting Her Weight Loss Groove Back

Well after not really trying to lose weight, I'm at 185 lbs. this morning - the same weight I was at my physical earlier in the year. Time to take a look at my goals and refocus my efforts after a 3 month mental break.

Well after not really trying to lose weight, I’m at 185 lbs. this morning – the same weight I was at my physical earlier in the year. Time to take a look at my goals and refocus my efforts after a 3 month mental break.

Well since August I’ve struggled with my push to drop my last 30 pounds. My tracking is spotty at best. Weighing and measuring food? Almost non-existent. How about counting carbs? I keep a mental record, but if I’m not measuring my serving sizes or tracking what I eat, how good can my carb counting be, right?

Yet, I feel fine…and a little guilty.

Time To Re-Think My Goals
As of this morning I weigh 185 lbs. So I’ve lost 4 lbs. since my doctor told me I was healthy and didn’t have to drop anymore pounds.

Now, I don’t believe for a second that my body is at its set point. I think I mentally started coasting once my doctor told me I was healthy and didn’t need to lose any more. After all, I started this adventure in 2012 to get healthy. The weight loss was a great side effect.

But that got me thinking: Do I need to reconsider my goal?

When I shifted my thinking from weight loss to getting healthy, the weight came off. Yes, I track my weight loss on this blog, but the overall goal was health.

Well, I’ve done that. Now what? After my physical, I never asked myself what’s next. I just thought “happiness” is my new goal. Crap!  What does that even mean? I just thought I can drop 30 more pounds and be happier. Why 30? I have no clue. Read More

Why You Should Ignore The New Dietary Guidelines

The new federal dietary guidelines are about to come out, but the fight over the bad science used to create them is still raging.

The new federal dietary guidelines are about to come out, but the fight over the bad science used to create them is still raging.

It’s about time.

It seems that every 5 years the federal government rolls out the new dietary guidelines with hardly any criticisms. Sure you’d hear them from the various food special interest groups worried about sales, but very little about whether the recommendations actually work.

How times have changed.

Two articles, in as many days, both from The Washington Post, question the science the US federal government uses in developing the soon to be released 2015 guidelines. Read More