Sidelined by Knee Pain, Turning Focus to Keto Diet

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I did everything right. I eased into my new workout routine slowly to avoid injury. Yet, my knee decided that it does not like 15-minute daily walks. Technically, it isn’t my knee causing the pain. It’s the iliotibial band (IT band), a flexible fascia that runs from the hip to the knee. I’ve felt this pain before. The band is rubbing inside my knee and is starting to swell.

Shifting My Focus to Keto
As I nurse my leg back to health, I’m turning my full attention to getting into ketosis. I screwed up by not doing a menu plan this week. As a result, we ate out way too much. I let my busy schedule became an excuse to go out rather than stay home and cook.

If you want to get healthy, you must put in the work. This week, I didn’t.

My mistake was not planning. I knew how busy I was this week. All I needed to do was make a casserole and use the slow cooker a couple of times.  Leftovers are a busy gal’s friend when you are trying to eat healthy.

Lesson learned.  Last night, after another long day, I browned some ground beef while dicing an onion, garlic cloves, tomatoes and peppers. My keto chili will last a few days. Tonight, I’m whipping up a bacon cheeseburger casserole.

Time to Start Food Journaling Again
I have my target macros and am recommitting to a realistic menu plan for my schedule. What is missing is my food journal. I have no idea if I’m hitting my daily macros, eating too many carbs, or in ketosis.

I know a lot of people think keeping a food log is unnecessary. “Just eat real food until you are full!” I’ve heard this many times. Sound advice for someone whose hormones are in balance and metabolically sound.  But as someone who hasn’t been consistently keto for a few years, I need more discipline. By tracking what I eat, I’ll become more mindful of my choices. In addition to tracking my carb count, I’ll figure out how to course correct if my daily energy level starts flagging, or I’m stuck in a plateau.

For a tracking tool, I’m going old school: pen and paper. At least until I have a chance to research any new apps out there. As you may know, I haven’t been a fan of certain food log apps, like My Fitness Pal. Much of the data is incorrect, and I usually end up doing more work than the app had promised. Which is fine.

Tracking My Blood Ketone Levels
Finally, I’m going to start tracking my ketone levels. My new Keto Mojo arrived.

Although I’m starting today to track what I eat, I’m not going to start tracking my ketone levels until February 1st. I want a solid week of cooking at home, menu planning, and food tracking under my belt before I start pricking my finger with a needle.

I’m rebuilding my good habit routine. I won’t be perfect (I wasn’t this week!). But if I worry about perfection, I’ll never reach my goals.

6 thoughts on “Sidelined by Knee Pain, Turning Focus to Keto Diet

  1. Hi Dot,
    It is good to see that you are getting back into a routine. You may need to just forget about exercise while your body heals. I use CarbManager when I need to either track my foods or create a recipe and know what the macros are for it. I also have been off track, especially since Christmas. I have excuses like everyone else but it basically comes down to persistent determination. I know what works. For me that is a combination of intermittent fasting, carnivore and keto.

    When I eat at someone else’s home I must be more determined to follow my plan and not be afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. That part of wanting to be gracious to someone else has hurt me badly.

    While you are healing you might want to pay attention to avoiding some of those veggies that can also cause inflammation. Being too busy is our enemy but careful planning is our friend.

    I am rooting for you and saying a prayer too.

    Take care,

  2. Jossette

    Hi Dot! I’m starting Keto again but getting very serious about it this time. It’s going great. The late night eating has stopped, the “starving” and “looking forward to the next snack” has stopped and the weight loss is very pleasing. However! My left knee has decided that I’m not walking or doing anything like that anymore also! So I tried in-home, stationary, march-in-place walking workouts. Nope. Not that either. Hobbling around again on my cane (at 52). So I’m thankful to read that someone seasoned as yourself is experiencing the same thing and it’s not just me. But I am NOT thankful that you are suffering. You are a huge inspiration and we love your YouTubes! Also, my hubby, who doesn’t need keto, loves your recipes. Your pizza and taco casseroles are his favorites. Thank you for all you are doing. <3

  3. Barbara Bosill

    So, it’s just me and my hubby, too. We’ve been Keto for over a year and I cook every night (on our own for breakfast/lunch). I don’t use a special cookbook but modify every recipe from any cookbook and make it Keto friendly. It gets easier! We are in our mid-70’s and our exercise/weight loss is different from yours but we are healthy and our numbers are great! For us, it’s all about the numbers!

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