September Food Challenge: The Whole30

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My monthly food challenge is back. This time around I’m trying the Whole30.

I planned to temporarily give up dairy in August. Unfortunately I have a lot more of it in my fridge than I first thought. With September right around the corner, my dairy stores are pretty much gone. So it is a good time to start my monthly food challenges once more.

Which leads me to the Whole30.

I’ve thought about doing a Whole30 challenge, but the idea of giving up dairy just seemed more like madness. I mean, cheese is just too damn awesome. And butter! No one is taking my Kerrygold away.

But here I am, months later taking a hard look at dairy.

Since the Whole30 doesn’t allow dairy, I decided to give it a shot. Staying ketogenic is easy with the program.  What really sold me on the idea is that I don’t have to give up my Kerrygold completely. I can turn it into clarified butter (which is allowed!).

And of course this means I get another health/cookbook book to read!

So today I’ll work on a Whole30 compliant menu and head out to the grocery store.  The recipes I’ve spotted look really good. I just need to stay within my keto guidelines.

4 thoughts on “September Food Challenge: The Whole30

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  3. Great! Can’t wait to hear about your findings..
    4 years NO DAIRY here & nothing but benefits.
    I was also a cheese freak but now don’t miss it one bit!
    You can get used to anything if you REALLY want to 😉

    • Thanks! I agree. Health is really one big science experiment where you are both scientist and lab rat. You can never be complacent. What I did to go from 325 lbs. to 250 lbs. would not get me to 184 lbs and high blood pressure gone and no longer pre diabetic. Your body changes and so should your approach to healthy living. But that’s half the fun to me.

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