Fell On Ice And Messed Up My Knee

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dot2trot lifiting weights

My trainer eliminated the squats and lunges from my last set today to give my knee a break.

The pain in my right knee is back with abandon. During my weight training today, every squat and lunge hurt like hell. It was during the 2nd set of my routine my knee hurt so much that my poker face gave way. Deidra, my trainer, asked “What’s up?”

Time to ‘fess up.

It started exactly one week ago when I fell down the stairs at the little Love Shack I call home…Well, “fell” isn’t the right word. It was more tripping and doing the splits at the same time.

I was about 4 steps from the landing when I tripped and completely skipped those remaining stairs and landed up right on my right foot (my left leg was still firmly planted 4 steps away).

I stuck the landing, but it was a hard landing. My knee took the full force of my weight. It hurt like hell. I limped my way into the gym to meet with my trainer. We decided on just an upper body workout to rest my knee and leg.

The next day I felt fine. I kept my normal routine on Thursday and Friday – spinning and yoga classes. And I took the weekend off because my body didn’t want to do anything. But other than some minor morning stiffness (pretty normal for me), my knee felt fine.

Flash forward to this morning. I crossed paths with some black ice while walking to my car to go to the gym. I landed on my knees. The pain in my right knee was exquisite. And just like the Scott Farkus Affair, a tirade of obscenities poured out of me.

After my workout I ended up taking 800mg of Ibuprofen, elevated the knee and put it on ice (oh, sweet irony).

The swelling is down some. And it no longer hurts (that much) going downstairs.

The 5K training is out of the question for the next few days. But not spinning tomorrow? I don’t know if I can give that up. Ugh! Damn you black ice!


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