New Week, Sassy Attitude

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Image courtesy of heyna reality and

Image courtesy of heyna reality and

Confession time. Besides feeling absolutely horrible last week, I worried about reverting back into the old me.  On earlier weight loss adventures, anytime I got sick my diet failed.  I’d quickly go back to my old, lazy, junk food eating self and gain my weight back and then some.

Turns out my fears were unfounded. I immediately went back to a low carb diet and I’m itching for today’s muscle workout and run.

What’s difference between the old and new me? Then I was on a diet. Today I’ve changed my lifestyle. I’ve spent the last 2 years building good habits.

Just like muscle memory, those habits kicked into high gear once I could actually eat without pain.

In fact, while resting in bed, I started thinking I need healthier options the next time I’m sick. Really?!? Who does that? Someone determined to lose the weight and live a healthy lifestyle, baby!

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