Dot’s Fabulous Weight Loss Bucket List

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Yes, parasailing is on my weight loss bucket list. Why do I want to do this? Why not!?! Image courtesy of Arvind Balaraman and

Yes, parasailing is on my weight loss bucket list. Why do I want to do this? Why not!?! Image courtesy of Arvind Balaraman and

During my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday, we started talking about the idea of putting together a weight loss bucket list — a list of things you always wanted to try to help you lose weight.

I’ve been thinking about putting together my own (not so) little list for the last few months. However, mine isn’t just about weight loss…it’s about confidence. You see there are things I’ve always wanted to try but never found the courage to do because of my size.

I can’t believe that I let my weight stop me from really enjoying life.

Some it was weight related like not being allowed to ride roller coasters because the safety bar didn’t fit over my stomach. Ugh! Yep, nothing like having to get off a ride before it starts. Talk about embarrassing. But the lack of courage was mostly mental — I thought I was too fat to try anything.  All too often I listened to that little voice in my head telling me to give it up before even trying anything new or fun.

Well screw that little voice! Time to start living.

First A Few Rules
This isn’t the traditional bucket list (things I want to do before I die). It’s more of a Healthy Bucket List; everything is about getting me to my weight loss goal and overall wellness.

  • Items on the list can be grand or small, serious or silly.
  • Nothing on the list about losing X pounds by Y date.
  • Only list those things I’ve wanted to try but used my weight as an excuse to hold me back.
  • Everything must be achievable! I can dream pretty off the wall stuff, but it’s got to be doable.
  • It’s OK if I suck at something.  If I worry about perfection, I’ll never try anything.

Now On To The List!
The items on the list are in no particular order.

  1. Do a Tough Mudder (June 2015 in Scotland, baby!)
  2. Go backpacking in 10 national parks
  3. Bike ride through California and French wine country
  4. Run in all runDisney’s races: 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon. Running these races non-stop would be awesome…doing so wearing a tutu during Princess Weekend is priceless! Are you with me Miss E?
  5. Ride a jet ski
  6. Wear a bikini (yes, in public!)
  7. Ride a zip-line and try my hand at aerial ropes too!
  8. Seriously hit an amusement park without worrying if I fit the rides – I’m coming for you Cedar Point!
  9. Go parasailing (did I really type that!?!)
  10. Be able to wear calf boots (another inch or so to go!)
  11. Write a book about my weight loss (it could happen)
  12. Sit on a plane with the arm rests down
  13. Shop at Victoria’s Secret (so close!)
  14. Learn to love seafood
  15. Rent a villa in Tuscany and learn to cook great, healthy Italian food
  16. Ice-skating!
  17. Learn to ski
  18. Become a certified trainer (maybe cycling first)
  19. Climb a rock wall
  20. Do unmodified push ups, planks and burpees
  21. Successfully do an unassisted pull up
  22. Wear a smokin’ hot form-fitting dress without worry
  23. Take swing dancing lessons with the hubby and go dancing at least once a month
  24. Go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef
  25. Take a month to backpack through Europe
  26. Ride a motorcycle (I’ll start with a scooter first)
  27. Build a gigantic garden (I’m talking homesteading, people!) to grow my own food so I can survive the impending Zombie apocalypse
  28. Arrr! Spend a weekend at the Annapolis Sailing School before starting my life of piracy or getting my sail boat
  29. Live the cruising lifestyle for one year – sailing from one Caribbean island to another
  30. Kayaking!

It’s a long list, but that’s OK. I’m sure there’s stuff I either forgot that I want to do or haven’t thought of yet. I’m done putting my life on hold because of a silly number on a scale.

Time to get busy living!

Do you have a Weight Loss Bucket List? If so, what do you want to try?

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