Playing With New Menu To Get To Onderland

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I posted my new weekly menu. I'm banking on this one helping me finally get below 200 lbs.

I posted my new weekly menu. I’m banking on this one helping me finally get below 200 lbs.

Plowing through some low carb cookbooks,  I just finished a new menu for next week. As you know, I’m focused on finally dropping below 200 lbs. by Thanksgiving. It was time for a new menu to give me the extra push that I needed.

Last week I got a new cookbook in the mail — The Complete Low Carb Cookbook by chef George Stella. Perfect timing! I’ve tried a few of the recipes this weekend and mixed them into my new menu.

I also pulled a two new egg recipes from my 500 Low-Carbs Recipe cookbook that I’m incorporating into next week’s menu. Eggs are a staple of our breakfast and it’s nice to shake things up a bit. I plan to do a post on the delicious curry scramble recipe later this week.

You’ll find my new menu on my new Weekly Menu page. When possible I try to include measurements. However, like any recipe, the net carb count depends on the ingredients you use. I based mine off of the real products in my kitchen. So if you decide to try to use one of the menus I posted, always look up the nutrition info of what you are using for your own calculations.

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