What If Obesity Is The Effect Of A Bigger Health Problem?

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What if obesity has nothing to do with eating too much? Is it possible that obesity is the effect of a bigger problem? A great and touching TedMed talk by Dr. Peter Attia challenges the medical status quo on weight gain and how obese patients are treated.

What if blaming the obese is blaming the victim?
I’ve written before that most nutrition science is crap. All of us fatties work hard to eat right, but something isn’t working. Diabetes, metabolic disease, obesity and insulin resistance continues to skyrocket.

So what does the nutrition/diet industry do? It blames us for not heeding the government’s dietary guidelines (which are not based on rigorous science). Basically it’s our fault. We have no will power. No self-control.

If that’s true, it makes it easy for people to judge us fatties, doesn’t it?

But what if the so-called experts have it wrong? Maybe they don’t have all the answers on obesity. Let’s face it, since the endorsement of the low-fat diet in the 70s  by the government, we’ve gotten fatter. When nutrition/dietary experts cling to their dogma instead of asking questions, then they are doing more harm than good.

Dr. Attia is right. It’s time for nutrition scientist to get back to their ideals: “Open minds, the courage to throw out yesterday’s ideas when they don’t appear to be working, and the understanding that scientific truth isn’t final but constantly evolving.”



One thought on “What If Obesity Is The Effect Of A Bigger Health Problem?

  1. I have lost 68 pounds just by eating half portions, three meals & no snacks. Oh, and praying a lot too.
    Point is- I AM NOT DIETING! yea! I am free and this is how God answered my prayers. Yea

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