Weekly Weigh-In: Very Sore Legs Means Water Retention; Up 1 Lbs.

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Thanks to muscle soreness and some bloating, I'm up 1 pound this week.

Thanks to muscle soreness and some bloating, I’m up 1 pound this week.

I weighed-in on Saturday and got a happy surprise. I’m only up 1 lbs. Thanks to my trainer’s workouts, my legs are so sore. I also felt pretty bloated this week too thanks to this week’s bout of constipation. So imagine my surprise when the scale only showed a 1 lbs. gain.

To help with the constipation, I want to get more walking in. I’m tired of waiting for slightly warmer, less windy and rainy weather to appear. Winter is here and I need to suck it up and get my butt outside. Besides, walking should help with my sore legs.  I’m shooting for 6-miles today.

As for my mini-goal of weighing between 190 – 195 lbs. by December 31, I’ve got 10 days left. Of course I’d love to lose 6 lbs. by year’s end, but that’s just not realistic. But I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed to drop at least a couple of pounds by then.

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