Weekly Weigh-In: Despite Wine Drinking, I’m Down 0.4 Pounds

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Luckily I'm down 0.4 lbs. from last week. This week, I'm skipping the wine but doubling down on smart eating and exercise.

Luckily I’m down 0.4 lbs. from last week. This week, I’m skipping the wine but doubling down on smart eating and exercise.

Well at my last official weigh in on January 10 the scale read 198.2 lbs. My unofficial weigh in last week I dropped to 196.8 lbs. Despite a very busy Saturday, I got up early to go to Weight Waters to step on that scale. As of yesterday I weighed 196.4 lbs.

Officially that’s nearly a pound a week. That kind of progress should excite most people. Yet I feel like I’m lucky I lost anything.

My hubby thinks I’m being too hard on myself. But if I’m being honest, I made some boneheaded moves during the week.

Well, actually just one — drinking a bit more wine than I intended. I did everything right this week — staying within my carb and point range, as well as sticking closely to my workout schedule (weather permitting). But for some reason, as I wrapped myself in a blanket and read a book or watched the telly, I broke open a couple of bottles of red. Ugh! I feel like I wrecked 3 great days.

I know how silly it is to beat yourself up after making a mistake. It’s all about making better choices the next time. And I did just that. But I also made the same bad mistake 3 nights in a row. Yet I still lost weight!?! Where the heck is the consequence for what I did? Well my accountability starts and ends with me.

Well here’s my consequence:

Except for two beers during the Super Bowl, I’m abstaining from alchohol this week. And starting February 1, I’m taking the 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge. Any day I mess up, I have to do the Double Ladder Burpee Madness challenge.

My fondness for wine is the only thing tripping me up now. Time to break out my awesome tea collection for these cold nights.


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