Proof Eating Out Isn’t Great For Your Waistline

jan-22-weightAs expected I gained weight back after my 7-day fast. However, I think I could have minimized the weight gain if I didn’t miserably fail at my other monthly challenge – giving up alcohol for 30 days. I broke my fast with a birthday dinner and that included wine. OK, not a biggie. I made it to my birthday. So why not celebrate, right?

Well, it didn’t stop with the birthday. The next day we met up with friends we haven’t seen in ages. And the wine flowed.

The next day I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping so we went out for dinner…and I ordered a glass of wine. Soon we’re going out to dinner nearly every night for the last two weeks, which means a glass or two with dinner. Ugh!
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Jump Starting My Diet: New Year, 2 Challenges


I’m kicking off 2017 with two new challenges: a 7-day fast and going all of January without alcohol. Images courtesy of, KENO64 and Simon Howden.

This is how you bring in a New Year. Not one, but two challenges. I’m doing both to improve my health. Following my cancer diagnosis back in June, I’ve been on a six-month pity party, and that resulted in a lot of unhealthy behaviors creeping back into my life.

It’s time for a reset.

Challenge #1: 7 Days, No Food
Yesterday I started a 7-Day Fasting Challenge. That’s right, no food for a week. I’m allowed water, tea, and coffee. Period. Read More

Weekly Weigh In: Down 2

weekly weigh in Jan 9

Just 2.6 pounds before I finally break into the 170s. Super excited!

What happens when you eat right and take a 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge?  Weight loss!  I’m finally closer to breaking into the 170s after losing 2.1 pounds this week.

But what happens when my no alcohol challenge is over January 31?

Right now I’m eager to continue the challenge  into February.

Since I started my challenge on Jan. 1, I’ve lost 4.1 pounds. Clearly I made a big error by not cutting back on wine sooner. I significantly slowed (heck, stopped) my weight loss progress and was stuck in a plateau for about 7 months.

No use crying over drunk wine. I’m on track now and that’s what counts.

Today’s weigh in puts my total weight loss at 142.5 pounds…nearly 45% of my total weight gone.  Sweet!

So I’m roughly 26 pounds away from goal. Whoa…


Weekly Weigh In: Down 1.6 Pounds

weigh in jan 4

In January 2012 I weighed 325 lbs. As of today I’ve lost over 140 lbs. To continue my quest to optimize my health, I’m giving up alcohol.

I start the new year weighing 184.6 pounds. That puts my total weight loss at 140.4 lbs. since I started this little journey in 2012. I attribute the loss mostly to my January challenge — no alcohol for 30 days.

Alcohol Causing My Weight Loss Stall
As I tracked my food I got suspicious that the cause of my weight fluctuation was my wine. Oh how I do love the Nectar of the Gods, but my intake was much higher than normal over the holidays.

Also I started experiencing heartburn right before bed, something that hasn’t happened since I switched to a LCHF diet. Hmmmm….something was amiss.

While wine is low in carbs it slows or stops your weight loss. And if you’re not careful it packs on the pounds too.

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Weekly Weigh-In: Despite Wine Drinking, I’m Down 0.4 Pounds

Luckily I'm down 0.4 lbs. from last week. This week, I'm skipping the wine but doubling down on smart eating and exercise.

Luckily I’m down 0.4 lbs. from last week. This week, I’m skipping the wine but doubling down on smart eating and exercise.

Well at my last official weigh in on January 10 the scale read 198.2 lbs. My unofficial weigh in last week I dropped to 196.8 lbs. Despite a very busy Saturday, I got up early to go to Weight Waters to step on that scale. As of yesterday I weighed 196.4 lbs.

Officially that’s nearly a pound a week. That kind of progress should excite most people. Yet I feel like I’m lucky I lost anything.

My hubby thinks I’m being too hard on myself. But if I’m being honest, I made some boneheaded moves during the week.

Well, actually just one — drinking a bit more wine than I intended. I did everything right this week — staying within my carb and point range, as well as sticking closely to my workout schedule (weather permitting). But for some reason, as I wrapped myself in a blanket and read a book or watched the telly, I broke open a couple of bottles of red. Ugh! I feel like I wrecked 3 great days.

I know how silly it is to beat yourself up after making a mistake. It’s all about making better choices the next time. And I did just that. But I also made the same bad mistake 3 nights in a row. Yet I still lost weight!?! Where the heck is the consequence for what I did? Well my accountability starts and ends with me.

Well here’s my consequence:

Except for two beers during the Super Bowl, I’m abstaining from alchohol this week. And starting February 1, I’m taking the 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge. Any day I mess up, I have to do the Double Ladder Burpee Madness challenge.

My fondness for wine is the only thing tripping me up now. Time to break out my awesome tea collection for these cold nights.


…That Lovin’ Feeling

Five days in and so far I’m doing great with my 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge. I’ve really had no desire to drink.  I just wish I could say that about the old ball and chain.

The hubby decided to undertake the challenge with me in a show of support.  I’ve encouraged him to lose weight with me. He needs to drop 80 lbs. to reach his ideal weight. When I started my low carb voyage, he was right there with me. He even lost 25 lbs. (but gained it back).

I thought that his strong declaration of no drinking was the jump-start of his own fitness regime. Sigh…

Within the first hour of his taking the challenge, he graciously offered to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner. On Sunday he suggested we go to our local watering hole for a few drinks.  It took him a bit too long to realize why I said no to both offers.

I married Homer J. Simpson.

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First Test In No Alcohol Challenge

Yummy ice tea! It's what I'm drinking for 30 days.

Yummy ice tea! It’s what I’m drinking for 30 days.

Only 2 days into my 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge and tonight’s my first test.  I’m meeting two friends for dinner at a brew pub.  Of course I suggested the place. Nothing like trial by fire! Why a brew pub? They have yummy ice tea.

Tomorrow’s weigh-in day and I’m not taking any chances. I even have all of my 49 Weekly Allowance Points – but I won’t have to use them. I looked at the menu online, so I already know what I’m going to order. I’ve eaten light today, so I have more than half of my daily points left.

This test is in the bag.