2017 Health, Fitness & Weight Loss Goals

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My 7-Day Fast to make sure my cancer is gone for good is over. I’m down 12 pounds. Now it’s time to set my health, fitness, weight loss and fun goals for the year.

My 7-Day Fasting Challenge is over and I feel great. I broke fast last night during my belated birthday dinner. Chilean Seabass and fresh greens never tasted so good. During dinner I started noodling about setting some goals for the year.

And I have many for the year. I think that’s because half of 2016 was consumed with my cancer diagnosis.  But now I’m cancer free and my focus is on reducing my risk for other diseases and building strength. Weight loss, as usual is the great side benefit.

Dot’s 2017 Health Goals

1. Remain cancer free!
I’ve already had my first of 4 pelvic exams and paps for the year and the results #1 are normal (woo-hoo!!!!). So my focus is on continuing on my ketogenic path mixed with intermittent fasting.

2. Improve my waist to hip ratio 
I’m not a big fan of BMI since it doesn’t take into account muscle mass. As you’ll see in my fitness goals below, that’s pretty big fault. The waist to hip ratio seems more reasonable to me and is a good indicator of developing serious health issues.  Of course I need to take my measurements.

3. Severely restrict alcohol
I’m currently doing a 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge this month. The big difference I’ve noticed is the lack of hot flashes. That to me bodes well for curbing my love of wine and possibly kicking it to the curb completely.

4. Reduce stress by practicing mindfulness daily
I’ve noticed that my stress levels have dropped when I take 5 minutes each morning by clearing my thoughts. If I skip a day, I’m a hormonal mess. Looks like I’m gonna create a new habit.

2017 Fitness Goals

dot weight lifting

Me in Oct. 2013 when I first started working with a trainer. I’m lighter now but nowhere near as strong as I want to be. That changes in 2017.

1. Run a 10k race
I stopped running for most of last year. After starting back up following radiation treatment, I feared that my cortisol levels were too high (running increases cortisol). So I stopped running. But running makes me happy and dang it, I’m finally going to do that 10k.

2. Build strength.

  • Bench press 75% of my body weight (145 pounds)
  • Barbell press at 60% of my weight (116 pounds)
  • Deadlift 150% of my body weight (290 pounds)
  • Barbell squat 125% of my body weight (243 pounds)
  • One body weight pull up (my Great White!)
  • Do 25 standard push ups (correct form!!!)
  • Hold the plank position for 2 minutes

Thanks to getting older and menopause, I’m loosing muscle mass and bone density. The best way to ensure a quality of life in my golden years is by building strength.

apr 15 before after

Pictures are really worth 1,000 words.

2017 Weight Loss Goal

1. Loose 10% of body weight
January 1, the start of my fast, I weighed 206.6 pounds. Seven days later I weighed 194.6 pounds. Granted, the 12 pounds I lost was a side benefit. The fast was done to make sure my cancer doesn’t come back. Besides, I fully expect to regain 1/4-1/2 of the weight soon enough. Eating again does that. So I expect a gain next week.

As for a goal, I’d love to say I’m going to shed my last 50 pounds of fat. But that’s not realistic for me. The closer you get to your goal the slower the weight comes off. Plus I’m in menopause and my body won’t respond the same way it did when 4 years ago when I weighed 325.

My 10% goal translates into dropping 20 pounds of fat. That may not sound like much but it is going to be a battle.

Another Goal To Come
Now I have an other big goal for the year that I’ll write about later in the week. It’s a “project” I’ve been itching to get to and last year’s health scare put it on the front burner. What is it?

Fun. Joy. Happiness.

What ever word you want to use, I want more of it in my life on a daily basis.

What are your goals for 2017?

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