7-Day Fasting Challenge: Day 1

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So far just one little hiccup on the first day of my 7-Day Fasting Challenge. Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhoto.net and aopsan.

My last meal was 5:00 pm dinner on New Year’s Eve at a local steakhouse. That means I’m not eating again until 5:00 pm Saturday, January 7. As I’ve written before, the primary goal for the fast is to help my body shed wonky cells before they go rogue on me. Its just one little tool I have to prevent my cancer from coming back.

However, if the fast knocks me into ketosis (fat burning mode), I’m not gonna complain.

First Weigh In Of 2017
The morning of January 1 I decided to hit the scale, something I haven’t done since my surgery (6 months + 2 days ago). I gave myself time off from the scale since I was juggling with a few things:

  1. Endometrial (uterine) cancer discovered during fertility treatments
  2. Surgery to remove it
  3. Recovery from a radical hysterectomy
  4. Surgically induced menopause
  5. Radiation therapy
  6. A leaky bladder thanks to the radiation

The last thing I needed to do was step on a scale.

So I threw myself a big ol’ pity party that lasted 6 months and 2 days. While I made many attempts to end it sooner, I think I just needed a mental break. It happens. Now it’s time to kick myself back into high gear.

I ended up gaining 20 pounds post surgery, putting me at 206. Thankfully I didn’t freak out. The scale is just a tool to let me know where I stood at 8:00 am, January 1st.

My only thought was, “OK, let’s get to work.”

guide-to-fastingWhat Is Allowed On My Fast
I’m following A Complete Guide To Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore. So I’m not doing a pure water fast. So what do I allow myself to drink?

  • Water
  • Bone broth
  • Hot or iced tea
  • Coffee (up to six cups a day)
  • Bulletproof coffee (one a day)

I don’t like black coffee, but Fung allows small quantities of heavy whipping cream as well as butter and MCT/Coconut oil for the bullet coffees.

While the broth, cream, MCT oil and butter may seem counter productive to a fast. But as Fung explains, the added fats don’t dramatically spike insulin levels. Also the calories are so minimal that insulin levels will still fall.

However for best results in purging rogue cells, a water fast offers much better results. With that in mind my plan is to eliminate the broth and coffee (along with the cream, butter and MCT oil) from my fast at the start of Day 4. Since I don’t drink tea with any creams or sweeteners that gets me water only for more than half of the fast.

Off To A Rocky Start
My only challenge on Day 1 was I needed to cook for my husband. Yep, I started my fast with cooking food. That’s a bit of a flaw in my planning.

I needed to make a few dishes so my husband had food for the week. The bulletproof coffee helped immensely while I chopped, fried and baked. But once the chicken stuffed peppers came out of the oven, I started salivating.

Pavlov’s dog has noting on me!

The hunger lasted for 10 minutes. During that time I enjoyed some cherry flavored carbonated water (no sweeteners or sugar).

Poof, the hunger was gone.

I stayed busy for most of the day – shooting videos for my YouTube channel, cleaning, visiting my mom for the holiday. The more I was engaged in some activity, the hunger stayed at bay.

My energy level was great all day. I was surprised I didn’t have a sugar crash – I did drink a bit more than normal for New Year’s Eve. My hands and feet didn’t get cold at all – something that occasionally happens during my 18- and 24-hour fasts.

The only “downside” was going to the bathroom every two hours. That just means everything is going as planned.

Next Challenge
Day 2 should be a nice test – a whole mess of chores, some strength training (if the home gym gets assembled) and a 3-mile walk (weather permitting) are on tap. I’m expecting a decline in performance as my body switches from glucose to ketones for energy. Hopefully by the end of the month my performance rebounds.

DISCLAIMER:  Okay gang, I’m not a doctor. I don’t even play one on TV. Everything on this blog is not intended as medical advice. Health is an individual quest and it is up to you and your doctor to figure out what is best for you and your situation. So do your own research and talk with your physician. That said, fasting isn’t for everyone and can be dangerous if you are a diabetic, take medications or have other health issues

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