My Fasting Challenge: Day 3

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My Christmas present of assorted, yummy teas helped drive down my hunger on Day 3 of my fast.

Day 3 didn’t start with a bang. Where I was loaded with energy morning, noon and night on Day 2, my third day of fasting transformed me into low energy mouse. Low energy mouse is much different from my lazy mouse days. When I’m a lazy mouse, I have the energy. I just don’t want to use it.

On Day 3 I had absolutely no energy for a little more than half the day. I also had a slight headache and a whole lot of hunger pangs going on.

For the headache, I added ¼ teaspoon of sea salt to my morning bone broth. About 30 minutes after I drank it now more headache.

As for the sluggishness, I chalked it up to my body making the switch from glucose to ketones as an energy source. So I decided to take it easy. I couldn’t go for a walk thanks to more bad weather. Instead I worked on a long overdue knitting project.

My energy level came back in the early evening, allowing me to do some chores around the house.


Cinnamon not only taste great, but it is thought to be an appetite suppressant. Leave a stick in water for a few hours, and BAM, you’ve got some high quality H2O.

Loose Leaf Tea & Cinnamon To The Rescue
As for the hunger, I battled it for half the day. No amount of water, ice tea or coffee could help me. I even found myself opening up the refrigerator a few times. Ugh!

Then I decided to pull out the big guns — loose leaf teas and cinnamon. For Christmas my husband gave me a box of loose leaf teas. It’s an assortment of black, green, white and herbal teas, all individually packaged. Perfect!

It’s thought that the antioxidants in green tea (like in coffee) helps with suppressing appetite. Black tea is also good for killing hunger.

As for the cinnamon, well it is delicious when added to tea and water. However, as The Complete Guide To Fasting points out, cinnamon is shown to “slow gastric emptying and may help to suppress hunger.”

It didn’t take too long for me to feel like I was back in control.  By evening, it felt like my hunger just melted away.

This is my longest fasted so far and at the end of Day 3. And I’m feeling great.

The challenge for Day 4: Finally pushing myself with the new exercise routine.

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DISCLAIMER:  Okay gang, I’m not a doctor. I don’t even play one on TV. Everything on this blog is not intended as medical advice. Health is an individual quest and it is up to you and your doctor to figure out what is best for you and your situation. So do your own research and talk with your physician. That said, fasting isn’t for everyone and can be dangerous if you are a diabetic, take medications or have other health issues

2 thoughts on “My Fasting Challenge: Day 3

  1. Amy R

    So funny. I got these same teas for Christmas and they saving my butt getting me through this 7 day fast!! I was hoping to read about days 5,6,7. Because thats where im at and my mind is boggled about how to get through 7 day. I know i can do it. Having a rough day though. Im doing it to get rid of pre-diabetes. Thanks for your posts. Amazing progress!.

    • Hi Amy, I should have a post up shortly on days 5-7. Got side tracked with sick doggie issues. But for me, day 3 was the hardest. My hunger went away by day four. By the end I felt like I could keep going if it wasn’t for my birthday dinner. Good luck!

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