Mornings With Purpose

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Second fight of the day, the first happening at 5:17 in the morning. But the fighting got me out of bed and snapped me out of a nearly year long funk of rolling with the punches. Now everyday needs purpose.

The last year I’ve really gone off the rails when it comes to my health and weight loss. Going out to each way too often. Indulging in too much wine. Not pushing myself self on the fitness front. Wasting time online. Going to bed late and getting up late.

Let’s face it, my motivation took a nose dive. Ugh!

Time to get my mojo back.

So last night, before bed, I decided to start my mornings with purpose. This is all part of my Living On Purpose resolution. That meant waking up early and not lying in bed for an hour each morning. Time for some bright eyed and bushy tail action!

But the desire to wake up at the crack of noon is strong with me…and I “forgot” to set my alarm clock.

Cue Spider, my evil overlord cat. At precisely 5:17 a.m. Spider started hissing, snarling and growling very loudly. He chose this time to start a fight with Peekabu, the sleeping Old English sheep dog.

Chaos ensued and I was forced out of bed.

But I’m thankful for Spider’s rage explosion. I haven’t had a productive (a.k.a., active) morning like this for more than a year. My big To-Do list was whittled down to nothing. In just hours I was crossing off one chore after another.


My cast iron’s seasoning is chipping off. I’ve put this project off for far too long for no reason than just being too dang lazy. That ends today.

It’s More Than Just A To Do List

  • Weight training
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Sweep & mop the floors
  • Season cast iron pans
  • Oil wooden furniture
  • Organize closet
  • Walk the dogs

Holy cow! Normally it would take me all day to do my chores. Not today. So this afternoon I have time to do a little reading, knitting, and trying something new this month.

But the most important thing is I’m way more active and that makes me happy! Yes, it was just chores, but it was a shift in my mindset. This past year I was waiting for life to happen instead of making it happen. And if feels great!

Those last 50 pounds of fat don’t stand a chance!

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