Getting My Focus Back With Yoga

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Yoga looks graceful, but this is what I look like when moving into Warrior Pose! Yoga with Adriene does a great job putting you at ease.

I’ve found my yogi. No not the bear. I’m talking yoga. I’ve been hunting for a local yoga class that doesn’t break the bank and isn’t in a sauna. My physical therapist suggested I try Yoga with Adriene, a Texas raised instructor who teaches yoga via YouTube.

So this morning I tested Adriene’s 20-minute Yoga for Complete Beginners (see below). No I’m not a beginner, but I’ve been sidelined for more than a year. Not with an injury…just laziness. So easing into a routine was what I needed.

I feel clumsy and awkward when doing yoga. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s my first try or 100th. In my mind’s eye I picture myself as having the grace of a gazelle, but in reality I know I look like Godzilla stomping on Tokyo.

Yoga with Adriene puts you at ease by keeping the banter light-hearted and the routines progressively challenging. Adriene stresses it isn’t about being perfect or trying to contort your body if it doesn’t want to bend. Just do your best; eventually you’ll get there with practice.

And there are times her Texas twang comes out and puts a smile on your face — it’s not something you really hear in northern Virginia.

My initial plan was to try yoga about 3 times a week. I’m now upping to every morning for the time being. I’m sticking with the same beginner video all this week to work on balance and some serious stretching. Then I’ll start moving on to the other beginner vids.

The other plus to all of this is practicing my mindfulness exercises before yoga. Mindfulness clicked with me this morning. I was relaxed and focused during the 20-minute video and stayed that way all morning. The stress just melted away.

It just felt easy. Maybe because I’ve been practicing it for a few weeks (without much success). Perhaps it clicked today because I associate it so much with the whole meditation thing with yoga. Laying in bed, trying to focus your thoughts on nothing is hard when your To-Do list beckons you.  But before starting a yoga video? Bingo!

If I stick with it, I’m hopeful that I can tackle Adriene’s Revolution: 31 Days of Yoga in March.


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  1. Melinda Ortego Loustalot

    Are you still doing yoga? I signed up for a new year’s challenge with Adriene but did not keep it up past January. .I may give it another try. .

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