Can’t Sleep? Try Sleeping Under the Stars

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Besides being fun, camping can reset your circadian rhythm. I always sleep better in a forest.

Having issues falling asleep at night? Just not getting in your full 8 hours of shut-eye?  Try a weekend in the woods…seriously.

I’ve written before about how a good night’s sleep is critical for weight loss. Unfortunately modern technology is disrupting our sleep patterns.  Thankfully there is a possible solution:

Go camping.

That’s right, a weekend camping trip can reset our body clocks to help us get those 8 hours in.

How’s that possible?

Melatonin, baby!
Melatonin is the sleep hormone. It’s released as it starts getting dark, making us drowsy. But modern technology (and our addiction to stay connected) is interfering with melatonin’s release. The artificial light from our phones, tablets, laptops and TVs mimic daylight, delaying the sleep hormone’s release.

So while texting, binge watching your favorite show, or checking social media before bed may seem harmless, the artificial light tells the brain to delay releasing melatonin as you’re going to bed.

Doing this night after night takes its toll on your body clock and health.

A new study indicates that a weekend camping trip (with no Internet or cell connection or TV) can reset reset your body clock. Weekend campers ended up falling asleep 1.8 hours sooner than people who stayed home. Campers also got more sleep a night too!

Granted the study’s sample size is small, but it adds to a growing collection of data showing that artificial light is harming our circadian rhythm.

I know from experience I sleep better when camping under the stars. However, if you don’t take steps to correct your bedtime habits when you’re back at home, then the impact of the camping will be lost. Here are some ideas for getting better night’s sleep.

Remember: “Sleep Is God. Go Worship.”

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