Time For Some Mental Spring Cleaning

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Last week was absolutely horrible. I started falling into an emotional funk at the beginning of the week. It just crescendoed into an all day meltdown on Thursday. How bad of a meltdown?

Yep…that bad.

Friday I started my climb out a deep rabbit hole.

It all began with crashing fatigue. I’ve read about menopause fatigue – where some women had days where they are so lethargic can’t even get out of bed. I was at least able to get out of bed…and spend two days just sitting in my comfy chair. But it wasn’t that I was just physically tired. I couldn’t think and felt emotionally drained too.

After a few weeks of sleepless nights, it’s no wonder the fatigue finally hit.

The fatigue kicked off the emotional rollercoaster for the next few days – anxiety, anger, stress, and random crying fits repeatedly made their appearance. Oh and the sweet tooth made it’s first appearance in the form of chocolate cake and a donut. Ugh!

The worst day was Thursday. I felt happy when I woke up. That lasted 2 minutes 45 seconds. I sat in my comfy chair for 4 hours, alternating between crying, yelling at my pets, and back to crying because I yelled at my pets.

The weird thing about it all – I mean besides the random emotional outbursts – was it felt like an outer body experience. No matter what, I couldn’t stop going down the rabbit hole. I’m watched myself get freaked out about everything.

Everything. Little. Thing.

It was sort of like driving slowly by a car crash on the side of the road. Only I was the wreck.

It was the first time I felt like I was going crazy.

Time For Some Emotional Housecleaning
Every spring do a top to bottom housecleaning. Clearly I’m overdue for a mental and physical cleaning too.

24 Hour Fasting
Yes I slipped this week with the slice of cake and donut. But if I’m being honest, there’s been some carbs creeping back into my diet before the meltdown this week. I know hormones can trigger cravings, but I opened the door. I’m putting off my 7-day fast until I know my micronutrient and hormone status. Instead I’m doing 24 hour fasting for the remainder of Lent. I’m still getting all of my calories in, but just eating one meal a day.

Say Good-Bye To Alcohol
Anytime I drink wine the more intense my hot flashes, insomnia and anxiety. So why am I still drinking? Besides, it’s crippling my diet. I’m convinced it is the source of my sugar cravings.

More Mindfulness
I’ve half-assed it on the mindfulness. But I’m so much more functional on days where I spend 5 minutes trying to focus on my breathing. Today I tried something new. I organized those 5 minutes of mindfulness:

  1. Diaphragmatic breathing (1 minute)
  2. Name 3 things I’m grateful for and why (2 minutes)
  3. The 3 things I will achieve today (1 minute)
  4. Diaphragmatic breathing (1 minute)

I have no idea if this is right or wrong, but I feel relaxed afterwards instead of thinking I’m wasting my time.

Fitness Regimen Is Back
Emotionally I feel great after a workout. I’ve got my new workout routine plugged into my scheduler. Time to burn off all that nervous energy.

I’ve tried essential oils and I have to say I’m surprised by how well they work. A few drops of bergamot in my diffuser and I’m happy and full of energy. Add in some sandalwood and I’m focused. The only problem I have is consistency. It’s not a habit yet.

Besides the essential oils, I need to look at getting a massage regularly. It seems like such a luxury. But if it keeps the mood swings at bay, it becomes a necessity. Heck, I may give acupuncture a shot.

Get Outdoors More
Spring has finally sprung. That means its time for some biking, hiking and fishing. Anything to get me outdoors. Heck, sitting outside on my deck with a good book and the dogs is an improvement from being cooped up all the time.

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