New Boost Of Energy

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Changing up my supplements has helped to boost my energy level and greatly reduce my menopause symptoms.

Besides mixing up my workout routine, over the last month I started changing up my supplements. Between mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia and fatigue something had to give. For now I gave up the generic multivitamin. I just wasn’t sure what a one-size-fits-all approach was doing for me.

That doesn’t mean the multivitamin is gone forever. I’m just waiting until I go in for some hormone testing next month. At that point, the doctor I’m seeing for menopause will make some suggestions on my supplements and exercise routine based on actual data. What a concept!

For now I’m taking the following:

It seems like a lot…and it is. Some are taken without food. Most need to be taken with a fatty meal. But all of them are natural supplements, meaning the ingredients are independently verified to come from whole food sources. Yep, I trashed all of the supplements that were synthetic (artificially engineered in a lab).

When it comes to supplements, it really is amazing how much crap is out there. I’d much rather get all my micronutrients from eating real foods. Unfortunately our food chain doesn’t allow for that to happen.

In any event, I’ve noticed a difference in my mood and energy levels. My sleep has improved as for the last week I’ve gotten nearly 8 hours a night. The brain fog has finally lifted. On the hot flash front I’ve seen improvements. While I still get them, they are not as severe and not an everyday occurrence.

Again, testing may change up some of my supplements, exercise and diet. But for now I’m feeling much improved

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