Coffee Booster: Product Review

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Two awesome things about the keto/LCHF gaining in popularity:

  • More healthy people
  • More products and services for this growing market.

One such product is called Coffee Booster, a fat supplement you add to your morning coffee. It’s a way to streamline your bullet coffee. Instead of reaching for multiple items (butter, coconut oil, MCT oil and/or cream), you can just use a tablespoon of Coffee Booster. Here’s my review:

DISCLAIMER: The folks at Coffee Booster reached out to me and offered a jar for free in exchange for a review. Other than the free jar, I haven’t received any payment. And whether I like the product or not, I’m posting an honest review.

You can learn more about Coffee Booster at and on Instagram @CoffeeBooster. You can also purchase it from my Amazon Store, where I feature every product I use and like.

4 thoughts on “Coffee Booster: Product Review

  1. Andi

    Thanks for the review. I just found your youtube site and now your blog yesterday. I went to your amazon store and bought two books you recommended and this coffee booster as a way of thanks for the content. I’m inspired by your success and I had success a few years on low carb but for whatever reason didn’t stay with it. Going to get focused and do my research and start again.

    • Hi Andi! Welcome to the channel and blog. The nice thing is you know how to do LCHF. So you are way ahead of the learning curve than newbies. That gives you the opportunity to work on the mental shift — LCHF is a lifestyle and not a diet meaning it is something you do forever and tweak as you go. The cool think is you can do it as you shown you can. Best of luck!

  2. Becki Barnhill

    I’d love to try a jar free to to try it. I do that bullet proof coffee and out all of that stuff.

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    • The nice thing about LCHF/keto is that bullet coffee or Coffee Booster isn’t needed. We can get healthy without them. I’m just happy that companies are starting to at least cater to LCHF/Keto diets. It at least opens the door for people to use product that are convenient and healthy. If it becomes the norm than the price goes down making Keto/LCHF even more available to people.

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